Ravenswood episode 8 review: I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

Review Kaci Ferrell
22 Jan 2014 - 07:45

Kaci wishes Ravenswood would hurry up with the curse revelations. Here's her review of this week's episode...

This review contains spoilers.

1.8 I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

After last week's stabbing shenanigans, Remy spends this week's episode in a sleep clinic, where she continues to be haunted by the man in the dark hat. It provides us some helpful backstory: namely, that Remy was visited by the man when she was a little girl as she slept. Mostly, anyway, because one time, she managed to wake up. Since his return, Remy remains as committed as ever to seeing her dreams through, since the information she's been gaining through them has helped the team learn more about the curse. It's really great to see her dad and Luke support her in this episode, especially Luke. I admit that he and Remy never really "clicked" for me as a couple up until this episode, but their scenes in the clinic are very sweet. For the first time, I think I saw in him what Remy must've before his dad's death turned his life upside down, and it was great.

Remy's dream, as predicted, does give her more information than before: she actually meets the man in the dark hat, who turns out to be the man who got the townspeople to sign the pact in the first place. She demands to know why these specific five teenagers were chosen and he confirms that the curse is not random in its selection of victims, but doesn't tell her how they're chosen outside of noting that because of him, her mother is alive and a debt must be paid. But they can't be chosen simply because a relative of theirs is saved by the curse; Miranda has no family other than Creepy Uncle, and neither Caleb, nor Luke and Olivia, have veteran family members, either. Are they instead descended from the people who originally made the pact?

He also tells her that he didn't kill her father and that he works for someone, and reveals that he's not the one who's been helping her see in her dreams; someone else has been helping her and he doesn't know who.

Meanwhile in the rest of the hospital, Olivia and her friend Tessa are all but staking out Springer's hospital room after the car accident last week. First they are driven away by his mother, leading to Mr. Beaumont to reveal to Olivia that Springer's father is in jail because of her father. Olivia is not one to be deterred, however, and manages to sneak Springer's cell phone out of his hospital room, but it proves moot when Caleb is unable to gain any clues off it. Olivia manages to get them, though, when she sneaks back into the room yet again to put the phone back, only for Springer to wake up and tell her that everything he's done to her has been at Dillon's request. Here's hoping she confronts him next week.

Caleb and Miranda are dealing with their issues this week in the most avoidant way possible, which would really be ten kinds of adorable if the episode hadn't aired immediately after an episode of Pretty Little Liars in which Caleb's ex-girlfriend, Hanna, left him a heartbreaking message about their break up. Toying with our allegiances is not nice, writers.

Now that they have Miranda's jar back, Caleb takes it upon himself to try to threaten Creepy Uncle into not making another. He storms into Creepy Uncle's office and tricks him into revealing that yes, he knows about the power of the jar and then demands that Creepy Uncle leave the people Caleb loves alone. And then like the villain out of a B movie that he really is, Creepy Uncle yells, "I've seen more than you can possibly imagine and I don't blink easily." I'm serious, those are the actual words he says. It's amazing.

The two of them then head out to the school library (apparently Caleb finally realised that he's a teenager and has to attend school!), where they meet Creepy Uncle's long-lost cousin, Creepy Teacher who drones on and on about how ghosts are clearly sexually repressed pathetic losers who live in their friend's basements and accomplish nothing despite Caleb's best attempts to redirect the conversation. Needless to say, it leaves Miranda feeling awful, since she feels like she's not contributing much to the team.

That changes, however, when Remy gets stuck at a tea party in her dreams, unable to wake up. While everyone else panics, Miranda somehow uses the necklace Remy found to enter the dream and rescue her before tossing the man in the dark hat off a cliff, knife and all.

It was really great to have an episode focused on Miranda's place in the group, and even more awesome to have her be the hero of the piece. The only thing I really wish this show would consider changing is how rarely we get new information that helps us solve the curse. Having reveals come slowly works on its parent show, but for me, it doesn't similarly work here. I think it's because Pretty Little Liars has other plots going on, stories about families and relationships and the like, but virtually every plotline on Ravenswood stems from the curse. Because of that, when reveals come so slowly, it can feel like things aren't moving along. It'd be nice if we were to get more information. However, I continue to enjoy this show's campy horror, and I'm looking forward to next week.

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