Ravenswood episode 6 review: Revival

Review Kaci Ferrell
8 Jan 2014 - 07:28

Ravenswood returns with more fun supernatural horror. Here's Kaci's review of Revival...

This review contains spoilers.

1.6 Revival

After a mid-season break, Ravenswood is finally back this week with an episode full of delightfully campy supernatural horror.

For those of you who don't watch the parent show, you missed Caleb returning to Rosewood in order to break up with his girlfriend Hanna because he didn't want her to come to Ravenswood and get involved with the hellish nightmare that has become his life. For those of us who do watch the parent show, I want us all to take a moment and just appreciate how dire things are in Ravenswood that Caleb would want Hanna to stay in Rosewood, in a place where murder, mayhem, and Mona are all considered part of the town charm — where A lurks, just waiting to fake another teen girl's death by killing a look alike and burying them wearing a mask of her face (over a mask of someone else's face over a mask of her own face). Think about that. Right now, Rosewood appears comparatively safe.

So to say that things have gone from bad to worse in Ravenswood is an understatement.

Fresh off the pain of breaking up with Hanna, Caleb tries to avoid Miranda, who really wants to talk about what happened while he was temporarily dead and what it means for the two of them. There's a lot to like here, including the way the writers handle Caleb's conflicted feelings, but I think my favourite thing is the way Miranda reacts to realizing that Hanna thinks Miranda has "stolen" Caleb from her, and what she must think of Miranda now. One thing the parent show has done well (and which this show has shown every sign of continuing) is friendships, particularly between women. It harkens back to Miranda's introduction to this universe, when she rescued Hanna in her uncle's house and the two of them bonded. After just one night of knowing each other, Hanna cared enough for her to ask Caleb to stay behind and help her out. I love that despite all her other problems, Miranda wouldn't want Hanna to think ill of her or to be hurt because of her. That's really awesome.

Another check in the friendship box is Miranda and Olivia's continued bonding. The two of them nervously talk about the fact that they are both virgins and how Miranda wishes she hadn't died before getting to change that (and later prompts Olivia to actually change it while on a date with her double-crossing boyfriend), as well as how to get rid of the jar her uncle is hiding somewhere that keeps her tied to the grounds. Watching Olivia stand up to Mrs. Grunwald for her is amazing and it leads to what may be the single most campy line this show has ever delivered: "You think you have the answers, but you don't even know what the questions are." That is a thing that was actually said in this episode and there was not a hint of irony to it.

Miranda's own attempts at scaring Mrs. Grunwald into giving up the jar doesn't go very well — Grunwald is as calm as ever, saying that she knows Miranda is upset but this is for the best. She even scares away the bad spirit that's been hurting Miranda whenever she's in her uncle's house. Of course, then the spirit comes back to Grunwald at the end of the episode, to which she says, "I love you, too," and I understand absolutely nothing at all.

Also not understanding anything at all are Remy, Luke, and Caleb, who spend the episode trying to get to the bottom of Remy's sleepwalking. Eventually, they are led to the place where the original townspeople signed the pact that started the curse — a pact they signed in order to protect the town's soldiers as they went off to war. I had been assuming that five teenagers originally started it, hence why five have to die, but apparently not. The men in town created the pact without anyone else's knowledge or consent, and the original Miranda's mother Esther wanted to stop it.

What does that mean for our five teenagers? I have no idea. We got some answers in this episode but I feel like we're no closer to solving the mystery than we were before. See you next week, where hopefully we'll at least get a hint at who this is all being done in service of.

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