Rat Queens and Peter Panzerfaust comics coming to TV

News Louisa Mellor
16 Jun 2014 - 06:42

Two new Image comics, Rat Queens and Peter Panzerfaust, could be coming to television...

Now this sounds like an animated series we need to exist. Pukeko, an arm of Weta Workshop (The Hobbit) is developing a TV show based on Kurtis J. Wiebe and Roc Upchurch's Rat Queens. 

The medieval fantasy series follows the exploits of four rowdy adventurers, Hannah the Rockabilly elven mage, Violet the hipster dwarven fighter, Dee the atheist human cleric and Betty the hippy thief. Wiebe has previously described the D&D-inspired concept as "Lord Of The Rings meets Bridesmaids". Pukeko and Heavy Metal are planning to adapt the comics into thirty-minute animated episodes to shop around the networks.

Also in development is a TV adaptation of another of Wiebe's comics, Peter Panzerfaust, by Heavy Metal and BBC Worldwide. Life On Mars' Matthew Graham and Ashley Pharoah are currently down to write the pilot episode.

More news as it arrives.


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