Filming ends on series 4 and 5 of Primeval

News Ryan Lambie
3 Nov 2010 - 04:52

ITV’s sci-fi series Primeval has just finished shooting in Dublin, with series four and five due to air next year…

Dinosaurs, action scientists and earthquakes in time. There's no doubt that Primeval makes for perfect Saturday tea time entertainment in the grand tradition of The A-Team, Airwolf and, (whisper it) Doctor Who.

And while the show's had its ups and downs in recent years (including its apparent cancellation in 2009), its fortunes are now once again on the rise, with a fourth and fifth series commissioned by ITV last September.

Shot back-to-back in Dublin, series four and five, which total 13 episodes, reportedly cost more than £1 million each to produce, and the show is set to become "bigger and better than ever."

"The new series is, by far, the best yet and we're really proud of what we've done," Primeval's executive producer Tim Haines said. "The non-stop action and the cast of monsters and creatures in each episode are going to blow audiences away and the fans are really going to be excited and amazed."

Filmed in HD for the first time, the seven episode run of Primeval series four will appear on ITV early next year, while UKTV's Watch channel will air series five, which will comprise six episodes, in mid-2011.

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