Primeval New World cancelled

News Louisa Mellor 22 Feb 2013 - 09:02

The Canadian spin-off of the UK Primeval hasn't made it to a second season, due to poor ratings...

Despite a bumpy start, the Canadian spin-off of ITV's Primeval eventually worked its way into a decent groove with impressive CGI, believable character development, exciting monsters-of-the-week, and an engaging season arc. More's the pity then, that Space yesterday announced its decision not to commission a second season. Those initial stumbles cost the series dearly, and like many others of its kind, it wasn't able to recover from weak early ratings.

Whether or not Primeval New World lived up to its Torchwood-ian promise of being Primeval's older, more violent and sexually risqué brother is a matter of debate, and as our reviews have shown, the series was certainly not without its flaws. The decision though, not to let it live beyond the thirteen episodes, is a disappointing one for fans of the franchise who've had to endure no small amount of disappointment when it comes to the UK original's disappearance from our screens.

Read our reviews of Primeval New World's first season, here.

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I have to say it's not the most exciting show ever but I watch(ed) it because it was at least set in the same universe as the original show and so I felt a bit of familiarity with it.

I've heard there are still rumblings about it becoming a movie but that it will be a reboot, which will be a shame, unless of course the movie takes the best bits and adds some new goodness, but judging from New World, that's harder than it looks.

Well, that sucks. I was looking forward to see this become a succesfull series. The first Space series to get my attention.

I watched the first couple and they never hooked me. It's a shame that it got better and didn't get renewed, but you need to hook people early or you're doomed I guess.

So that's it. After many long years of waiting, hoping, struggling - the Primeval franchise has finally died. No more shall we see new adventures with Even Cross' or Matt Anderson's team. It had a bumpy run, but an enjoyable one. I shall cherish my Primeval DVD collection as a huge favorite of mine maybe in a few years watching and episode and thinking "They had something good there".

R.I.P Primeval.

Cant say i am sorry as i am still a big fan of the original & watch the re-runs as i cant afford the series. New World was ok-ish but not a patch on the original which, again, was left unfinished.

I never got round to watching 'New World', but the UK original was great fun for a few years until I started to get the impression they were hinting at some huge underlying plot that never really materialised.

The underlying plots never really had a chance to materialize as the TV channels decided to cancel it from their spots. New World took a while to grab your attention, but once it did it had the basis of becoming just like the original, a great show. But people these days are so picky about what they watch that they never even gave it a chance.

And they've replaced it with typical sci-fi fare... a teen-girl werewolf drama. There's no imagination these days, and I really enjoyed this show... possibly more than I ended up enjoying Primeval: UK.

Thank the divines that was the biggest piece of Shiz ever and I'm glad it's dead, hey don't blame me, blame Canada

Excuse me WHAT ?. It was a pile of crap but , I would have like to see it get better and grow as a franchise :(

After the first half i did not think i wanted a second season but the last 6 episode had an actual plot, shame it wont get a resolution. Primeval New World on Twitter says they are looking for a new channel to produce it. Fingers crossed for season 2.

i like new world. it's OK but it can be a little better in terms of it's characters and writing. i am hopeful that a another channel will pick it up and produce it. after all the original series was cancelled and revived so hopefully it's spin-off will to.

primeval new world was the best show i have seen and was so keen on gettng to watch new episodes

And it only had 1 season and it was cut off not fair

Its was one of my favorite series's on TV at the moment. They should at least give it a chance.

this is a big mistake, primeval noooooooooooooo!

Please, find another network to renew the show for a second season.

Screw the American bull, bring back the UK version!

Thank god. The show was absolute rubbish. New World was a prime example of what happens when you let the PC police and Peta get together to write a show. Good riddance.

Don't do this. I am in the states and we have Sy Fy (Don't get me started about that station!!!!!).I love this show followed it when it was on BBC America. I don't have cable or satailite anymore or else I would have watched it there on SyFy.I stream my t.v. shows. I have Hula Plus and saw it there. Please don't take off this show It is good Sci-Fi and I love the way this story has progressed. Please reconsider cause If I see another show about a transforming man, woman or ghost I will hurl or my least favorite reality shows .I know U are trying to get the 18 to 34 crowd but get some men that have some balls and they look like they can fight and can win a fight, weigh more than a manaquin and a woman who weighs more than a 10 year old and implants (yes we know they are not real) and not kicking the holy stinky doddles out of every man she sees and is at least taller than the men she kicks butt. Please I love Primeval Don't take it off. I have watched it 5 times already I am a fan.

Hey Go to Netflix they haven't done Sci-Fi yet and they are making Orginal programing.

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