Primeval New World cancelled

News Louisa Mellor
22 Feb 2013 - 09:02

The Canadian spin-off of the UK Primeval hasn't made it to a second season, due to poor ratings...

Despite a bumpy start, the Canadian spin-off of ITV's Primeval eventually worked its way into a decent groove with impressive CGI, believable character development, exciting monsters-of-the-week, and an engaging season arc. More's the pity then, that Space yesterday announced its decision not to commission a second season. Those initial stumbles cost the series dearly, and like many others of its kind, it wasn't able to recover from weak early ratings.

Whether or not Primeval New World lived up to its Torchwood-ian promise of being Primeval's older, more violent and sexually risqué brother is a matter of debate, and as our reviews have shown, the series was certainly not without its flaws. The decision though, not to let it live beyond the thirteen episodes, is a disappointing one for fans of the franchise who've had to endure no small amount of disappointment when it comes to the UK original's disappearance from our screens.

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