First Primeval New World trailer

News Louisa Mellor 28 Sep 2012 - 16:14

The first full look at Canadian Primeval spin-off, New World, has arrived...

Home to early seasons of The X-Files, the Battlestar Galactica reboot, and more geek shows than you can shake a maple twig at, Vancouver, Canada is the Cardiff of US sci-fi (just with more undulating acres of forestland and fewer chip shops). 

With Continuum and Lost Girl in its current repertoire, the city shows no sign of slacking in the genre telly department either, as illustrated by this first trailer from Primeval spin-off, New World.

Pitched as an "older, darker and scarier" version of the ITV original, Primeval: New World finished filming this July, and will air on Space in Canada, and Watch here in the UK later this year.

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Just a correction for you folks at Den Of Geek, Space is a Canadian Channel which I don't believe is broadcast in the US.

Any chance of ITv picking this up ala Primeval? (Actually, any chance of then picking this and the original Primeval up, run them as a double bill?)

Ditto what Eldri said. Vancouver isn't the Cardiff of US sci-fi, because Canada is not part of the US. (Sorry, Welsh separatists, but it's true.) The SPACE Channel is Canada's pride; it does not air in the US. Lost Girl is actually made in Toronto. (And WATCH will be airing P:NW in the UK)

i'm probably the biggest fan of the original, but i can't wait to watch this epic new one!

Is Connor Temple going to be in the show, or is he just going to be in the pilot to bridge the gap between the two? From the explaining he was doing I would imagine the latter.

I think he's just in the first one, but he might have a cameo in some others...

I've been keeping my eye out for info on this. I had no idea that Niall Matter (aka Zane from Eureka) was the lead. That's cool, especially when we also get a quick glimpse of Sheriff Carter himself at the 14 second mark. I hope that's a guest star that recurs.

I never considered Primeval 'geeky' as such as the stories were so simplistic and inoffensive it was obvious whey were going for mass-audience appeal (I bailed out after season 1)

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