Evan Goldberg promises "same characters, same story, same ending" for Preacher TV series

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11 Mar 2014 - 07:42

Evan Goldberg has been chatting about his and Seth Rogen's forthcoming Preacher pilot...

Fidelity to the source material is ever a contentious part of adaptation. Follow the original too slavishly and you may end up hamstrung by reverence, depart from your sources too drastically, and why even call it an adaptation? Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, currently working with Breaking Bad's Sam Catlin on a TV version of Garth Ennis' Preacher comics, are currently trying to strike that balance.

Speaking to Collider, Goldberg said, "We just had a meeting with AMC and Garth Ennis, who’s the writer, and we all kind of seemed to agree that we’re gonna stay as true to the comic as we can. We need to change some stuff but we’re not gonna change much, I hope."

Goldberg continued, "We’re just gonna do a little more of the preamble instead of doing flashbacks and restructure how we dole out the information a little, but we’re gonna [do the] same characters, same story, same ending.  We’re gonna try to stick to Preacher as best we can."

The broader canvas allowed by a TV series will be, Goldberg argues, key to this version of Preacher's success, "The big difference is everyone else tried to make it a movie and it shouldn’t be a movie. It should be an AMC show, that’s the proper way for it to get done… It’s too big; you can’t do that in a movie. It’s just too big. You’ve gotta learn the characters, it’s all about a love triangle and you need to grow with them and see the woman swayed one way or the other, and in a movie you just can’t accomplish all that."

Read the full interview at Collider

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