Supernatural crime pilot on its way from Michael Bay

News Louisa Mellor 12 Sep 2012 - 08:26

Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes company is to develop a supernatural FBI drama about an occult crimes task force…

That headline rhymed a bit.

In addition to pirate drama pilot Black Sails, Michael Bay’s peculiar blend of talents are to be added to a supernatural crime pilot going by the name of Occult.

The story, as The Hollywood Reporter has it, focuses on an FBI agent newly returned to the Bureau after time off for losing it somewhat following his wife’s disappearance. Upon his return to the job, said agent is paired up with an occult crime specialist to start a special dark magic task force. We’re thinking The X-Files, but with warlocks instead of greys.

The X-Files isn’t a million miles away in fact, as screenwriter James Wong, whose back catalogue includes work on the Mulder and Scully show, is set to write the pilot script for network A&E. (UK readers might enjoy a painful gag along the lines of “Fnar, let’s hope the pilot doesn’t require emergency resuscitation!” based upon that network’s name, but we’d never dream of doing such a thing.)


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You've had me at 'occult'. Could be a nice replacement for Fringe.

It's much better if someone remakes Dresden Files.

Sounds good but I dont hold out much hope for its long term future. The only thing remotely like this to go past 2 seasons was X-Files, everything else was cancelled by a network scared of change or tv shows that weren't about doctors. I'm STILL bitter about them cancelling Miracles.

But I'm currently writing police drama about an Occult task force! Damn you Michael Bay...

I've only started reading the books. Did the TV show really screw it up? I would have thought it would have easily made for good TV...

Why haven't we heard any more about Black Sails? Neil Marshall directing the pilot? This sounds awesome!

Yes they screwed it up pretty badly.

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