Penny Dreadful: new trailer and airdate

Trailer Michael Noble
17 Jan 2014 - 07:25

Adult horror Penny Dreadful will be with us this spring...

We’re rather excited about Penny Dreadful, and not just because it promises to fill the Ripper Street-shaped hole in TV’s roster of seamy Victoriana. The show, which will link characters such as Dracula, Dorian Gray and Frankenstein’s monster, has been officially confirmed as debuting on the 11th May on Showtime and on Sky Atlantic in the UK at a yet-to-be announced later date.

Penny Dreadful stars Eva Green, Josh Hartnett and Billie Piper and has been created by Skyfall pair John Logan and Sam Mendes, who have described it as a ‘psychosexual horror’, which is one way of saying that it’s not exactly the sort of show you’d watch with your grandmother.

If that sounds like your dose of laudanum, take a look at the full-length trailer…

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