Rumour: Hayley Atwell signed up for Agent Carter spin-off

News Louisa Mellor 3 Jan 2014 - 08:31

Nothing's official as yet, but the rumour mill suggests that a Hayley Atwell-starring Peggy Carter TV series is pressing ahead...

The source on this one may be wobbly at the moment, hence the 'rumour' headline, but it's certainly not a stretch to believe. After the popularity of Marvel's Agent Carter one-shot featuring Hayley Atwell, talk of a Captain America spin-off TV series for the character and actress began, and now some are suggesting the deal has been done.

Atwell (Captain America: The First AvengerBlack Mirror) made positive noises about the prospect back in October, telling Digital Spy, "The one-shot was so successful, the fanbase were like, 'We want more of Peggy! I think Marvel probably take that very seriously, and it's certainly something I would be a part of doing. I'd be interested to show different sides of Peggy". The Mirror, without a source, is reporting that Atwell is about to start work on the proposed series. 

We'll bring you confirmation from Marvel if and when it arrives.

Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns to ABC on the 7th of January.


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The Agent Carter One-Shot has certainly been the most interesting so far, as it actually progresses the story somewhat. I love the idea of revisiting that era that we've skipped over with Cap being frozen, and having Peggy and Howard Stark running SHIELD is just a fantastic set-up for a series.. I just hope that if it does go ahead, Marvel can secure Dominic Cooper returns as Stark for the continuity. It's a huge time period, and could run for a good few seasons before ending up at the present day..

All for this. All for it. Just hope to God it'll be better than Agents of SHIELD. Aside from two strong episodes that series has been disappointingly dated and toothless, it must be said.

Am I the only one who doesn't get the hype over Peggy? The one shot was OK but...I just don't get it. She's not super powered and there are no other heroes from the era that they'll bring in for the same reasons they don't in MAoS, so it will just be an unrealistic Man From Uncle affair. What am I missing?

i don't trust mt mirror they lie all the time

I think it's a safe bet that a UK newspaper hasn't got it's hands on a news story that's somehow been missed by every entertainment and TV news website in the USA.

You've only got to read the article to ascertain it's simply a rehash of what's already been talked about and rumoured since the Carter one-shot appeared on the Iron Man blu-ray.

The long answer: Hayley Atwell is a great actress who made the part her own and is a shining star on the Marvel Cinematic Universe acting firmament.
The short answer: *honest trailer voice* Bewbs.

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