First trailer for Outlander adaptation

Trailer Louisa Mellor 13 Jan 2014 - 06:21

Starz is bringing the Outlander novels to television this year. Here's the first trailer...

The weekend that saw the US debut of Ron D. Moore's new Syfy series, Helix, also gave us the trailer for another Moore-produced project, Outlander.

Adapted from the novels of Diana Gabaldon, Outlander is being billed as romance, sci-fi, historical drama, adventure and epic all in one. It concerns 1940s nurse Claire Randall who, as this trailer informs us, has "fallen through time", back to eighteenth century Scotland. In 1743, Claire becomes entangled with a Scottish warrior and a love triangle separated by the centuries ensues (think Goodnight Sweetheart but with more kilts. Actually, no, best you don't). 

Outlander is due to start this summer in the US on Starz.

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I love the way 'Claire... Claire Beecham' is the hook out of the trailer. So we're meant to think 'Oh my God! She... she has a name! I'm definitely watching that.'

My wife loves these books, lots of shagging in them apparently.

Hm. Perhaps the Scots Nats will adopt this as their official campaign TV show, to go with Braveheart, their official campaign film. Nice timing, Starz. Noble Scots and perfidious Englishmen - catches the zeitgeist!

Yup. I've read them too and there's potential here for something truly awesome. But the trailer hasn't sparked hope in me, partly for your reason there.
How about some witty dialogue or a glimpse of some of the main characters in the Scottish setting? THAT'd be a pitch.
I'm looking forward to it with fingers crossed that it was just the trailer that's mediocre.

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