Orphan Black renewed for season 3

News Louisa Mellor 10 Jul 2014 - 07:14

BBC America has renewed Orphan Black for a much-deserved third season, due to arrive in 2015...

Judging by the intense fan fervour for the series (meet anyone who watches and chances are they'll talk your ear off about how you should be too), there should never have been a doubt that Orphan Black would return for a third season.

Geeks however, know better than anyone that fan fervour isn't enough to keep a beloved show alive - even when no power in the 'verse can stop it (sob).

Excellent news then, that Orphan Black's ratings and popularity have crept up over its second season, ensuring a third run, due to air in 2015. All credit to Tatiana Maslany for a staggering series of performances that deserve shiny statue-shaped rewards by the wheelbarrowful. Please join us in emitting a hearty hoo and indeed, ray.

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I have persuaded 2 friends to watch it. After the first episode I had to beg them to watch past the first episode as they thought the acting was terrible and the plot cliched (to be fair, the pilot isn't that great but had enough hook for me to give it a chance). I got one to watch the rest and he loved it, the other refused and now cites his pilot episode experience of Orphan Black as an excuse to not watch anything I suggest to him.

Have to admit I watched the pilot and hated it, I found all the characters hateful and her awful English accent was really distracting. I have caught up with it since and do enjoy it now for it's dementedness. her accent hasn't got much better, though she seems better at doing a posh English one.

A brilliant show-plenty of plot twists and compelling characters, glad it's been renewed for a third series! :-)

So you have a friend with lousy taste in TV shows. It happens. I am always amazed when I realize I've completely forgotten the same actress is playing all those characters. She deserves to win awards for all of them.

I don't get why people love this show. I watched the first season and liked the first episodes, but the last ones were kinda lame. Then I watched the second season just because my gf wanted to and I hated. A lot of cliche, some retarded characters... I only watch shows like Game Of Thrones, True Detective and Sons Of Anarchy nowadays, so I guess my standards are high...

And I guess your abit portentous

Shame this news wasn't coupled with "Tatiana Maslany nominated for Best Actress Emmy"

Perhaps, but he's entitled to his opinion, however shockingly wrong it may be.

Orphan Black is on par with Game of Thrones these days after a series shocking missteps by D&D, OB pleasantly surprises while Thrones just frustrates with needless romantic arcs *cough* Grey Worm *cough* and major character motivations changed for the worse.

Standards can't be all that high if you continue watching American shows. Most of them are garbage.

I don't recall there being any characters with learning difficulties. And the word is "clichéd".

you kidding? her posh one is the one that feels more 'artificial' ...even though it's still a good english accent. Her London one is flawless.

Certainly not in the first episode, I spent half the time wondering if her character was Australian. It's been better in the second series but she still slips occasionally. I've obviously got no idea where you are from but I'm from London and it sounded exactly like a fake London accent that people not from London make, ie half Australian. Her posh one sounds generic posh and doesn't slip as often.

Orphan Black (for me at least) straddles a line between guilty pleasure and legitimately great and exciting television. I could never say that I'm bored watching it and the acting is pretty fantastic.

Rachel's accent really bothered me when she was first introduced but that vocal control is so in character for her for that I stopped minding.

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