Orphan Black season 2 episode 8 review: Variable And Full Of Perturbation

Review Kaci Ferrell
8 Jun 2014 - 21:49

Inept murderers and tragic lovers abound this week in Orphan Black. Here's Kaci's review

This review contains spoilers.

2.7 Variable And Full Of Perturbation

Welcome to the post-Leekie phase of Orphan Black, Clone Club.

We pick up sometime after the murder, with Donnie drinking himself into a stupor literally on the day Allison gets out of rehab. I kind of love how truly bad he is at this whole... murdering someone thing. Donnie Hendrix will never be anything but average, and that is wonderful.

Elsewhere, Art has gotten in touch with a man named Tony who has a message for Beth Childs, given to him by his former partner in crime. Since Beth is long dead, Art goes in her place and makes an amazing discovery: Tony is a new clone and he takes this news shockingly well.

You know, for all that there is a debate in modern society about whether or not identities that fall under the LGBTQ+ umbrella are nature or nurture, this show simultaneously manages to play with that question without ever actually addressing it. The show has simply presented these things to us as facts and left it to us to decide how we feel about it: Cosima is a lesbian and Tony is a trans man, though both are cloned from the same DNR that produced heterosexual cisgender clones like Sarah and Allison. I have no idea if the show ever intends to give us its opinion on this question, and frankly, I hope it doesn't; I find it far more compelling that ultimately it doesn't matter. Tony and Cosima are who they are in the same way that Allison and Sarah are who they are, and that's just how it is.

Over at Dyad, Rachel uses Delphine to convince Sarah and Mrs. S to let Dr. Duncan come work for Dyad on those lost synthetic sequences of DNA, which she believes will help cure Cosima and, ultimately, the other clones as well. That taken care of, Delphine comes to apologize to Cosima for betraying her trust, and the two end up getting stoned and it's way cuter than it really should be. Cosima continues to be drastically underused as a character, but getting to see her have fun this week with her coworkers and Delphine was really nice. This show is one of those things that's so often life-and-death; when we get a chance to just see our characters be happy and normal for once, it feels like a revelation.

But just when you're thinking it's safe to relax and enjoy their exchange of "I love you"s (and Cosima's insistence that in order to love her, Delphine must love all the clones), Cosima collapses, coughing up blood, right as Dr. Duncan arrives to attempt to fix Dyad's mess. Or, rather, his mess, since he was their maker, after all, and the disease seems to be his fault: the clones were designed to be barren, since the Lida scientists didn't want them reproducing; Sarah (and, potentially, Helena) is a failure because she can. The disease that's killing the clones seems to be a result of this attempted sterilization.

Back in the suburbs, Donnie tries to leave in the middle of the night, but Allison manages to talk him out of it and instead, the two of them stay up all night talking through their problems and letting each other in on all the secrets they've kept over the years. Allison's confession about letting Aynsley die prompts Donnie to reveal what really happened to Leekie, and we finally find out what happened after last week's cliffhanger: Donnie wrapped the body in plastic (poorly, Allison notes, because that's what's important right now) and stuffed it in the trunk of his car. So not only is he driving around with a dead body that's starting to smell in his trunk, but Allison's gun is the murder weapon and he put it back in their home. He's so bad at this. It's amazing how bad he is at this. Donnie Hendrix, assassinator of the most powerful character this show has ever had. Wow.

And finally, Tony reveals the message his crime buddy had for Beth Childs: Paul is "like Sammy" and "he's on it." I suspect this means Paul's playing Rachel and is really on the side of the rest of the clones, but since Paul was missing this week, we'll just have to wait and see.

See you next week, Clone Club, when hopefully we get to see Mr. and Mrs. Hendrix hiding murder weapons and disposing of bodies. I'm sure that'll fix their marriage.

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