Orphan Black season 2 episode 6 review: To Hound Nature In Her Wanderings

Review Kaci Ferrell
26 May 2014 - 17:00

More happens in one episode of Orphan Black than in entire seasons of other shows. Here's Kaci's review...

This review contains spoilers.

2.6 To Hound Nature In Her Wanderings

I am a fan of complicated protagonists. Sure, it's nice sometimes to have a Hero-with-a-capital-H whose motives are always pure and whose desire to do good trumps all. Those kinds of characters have a time and a place and I can appreciate them when the time is right. But when it's not time for a classical hero, there's a particular void that only a complicated protagonist can fill. And what I mean by that is this: Sarah Manning is without a doubt the hero of this show. We, almost to a person, want her to succeed. But sometimes she does things that make us angry at her, that are just flat-out wrong. I like protagonists who aren't always the most likeable. I like characters that it's a challenge to support their decisions. Not everyone digs that, and that's fine because it's a matter of personal opinion, but it's where my heart truly lies. I like it even more when those complicated protagonists are women.

I love Sarah. I love rooting for her. But damn if I'm not really angry at her for the way she's treating Felix this season ("I've been downgraded from babysitter to bargaining chip,") and her abandonment of Helena in this episode.

It's unfortunate, because they started off really cute together. It was nice to see them being sisterly for once, and Helena making shadow puppets is easily one of my favorite things this show has ever done. And yes, I realize she was on a mission, but considering how quickly the Proletheans were able to bail her out, I don't think it would've been that difficult for Sarah to do. At the very least she could've gone over the the cops as they were putting Helena in the car.

Of course, this opinion is motivated by my sympathy for Helena; there's a case to be made that after everything she did in season one, Sarah was within her rights to leave her for not following directions. Sound off in the comments which side you come down on.

Meanwhile, Paul continues to be The Worst by stalking Sarah and making a deal with the Proletheans to let them have Helena, and then not accepting Mrs S's tea and biscuits. Has he even met the glory that is Mrs S? If that woman offers you tea and biscuits, you take it. If she offers you a knuckle sandwich with a side of moldy haggis, you take it.

Speaking of Mrs S, she's hanging out with her old friend, Rachel's dad. He worked at a mental institution back in the day, which served as a breeding ground for Project Leda. But then, wonder of wonders, somehow Rachel Duncan's once-warm, charming heart convinced him that it was a bad plan and he and his wife decided to go public with what they'd done. So Leekie set the lab on fire to kill them both. Every time I forget how evil Leekie is, I'm slapped with a reminder so...thanks for that, Orphan Black.

Back in rehab, Allison runs into Sarah's ex, Victor, who has apparently turned his life around by embracing Buddhism. Or, rather, by embracing Angie's promise to drop all charges against him in return for his spying on Allison. But at least the getting clean thing seems to be genuine.

Meanwhile, Cosima's friend Scott has been hired at Dyad, where he promptly tells Delphine that the stem cells being used to cure Cosima came from, likely, Kira.

And finally, partially motivated by Sarah's abandonment, Helena gives herself back to the Proletheans because she wants to see her "babies."

More happens in one episode of this show than entire seasons of others. And yet I still want it to be next Saturday already.

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