Orphan Black season 2 episode 4 review: Governed As It Were By Chance

Review Kaci Ferrell
11 May 2014 - 09:55

Tatiana Maslany continues to be the Orphan Black's trump card in this week's episode. Here's Kaci's review...

This review contains spoilers.

2.4 Governed As It Were By Chance

This week's Orphan Black opens with a small plot hole that bothered me far more than it should've, probably because it almost never has them. Sarah comes to in the shattered car to find Cal has come to her rescue. Somehow, in the time it took Sarah to drive to that fateful intersection at Daniel's insistence, Cal had time to drive to a different spot in the backcountry, drop off Kira, make sure she was well-hidden, and then drive to the intersecting road at exactly the right moment.

Sure, show. Sure. At any rate, Cal's rescue comes at the right time and he's able to abscond with Sarah and Kira in an RV while Sarah texts Rachel from Daniel's phone to buy them time. It's really nice to see his scenes with Kira in this episode — they walk the fine line between having him be genuinely good at fatherly duties and interacting with Kira while also not forcing some immediate familial connection. If you've ever known anyone who tried to forge a relationship with a family member later in their life, then you know it's not instantaneous or even guaranteed at all. I'm glad the show isn't veering there so far.

Meanwhile, Allison wakes up in rehab and immediately calls Felix to come get her out. Their friendship is, as always, the sort of amazing realistic sweetness that we all know and love as he gently convinces her that maybe this is a good place for her to be right now. And it turns out to be a good thing he did, because Donnie shows up later to inform Allison that, should she decide to leave rehab early, she won't be allowed to see her children. Considering the things Sarah has done and continues to do for Kira, staying in rehab doesn't seem that bad in comparison.

At the farm, Helena wakes with a headache after her "wedding night" and finds that Gracie has had enough of this mess. Seems Gracie has been learning from her father how to handle people she doesn't like, because Gracie tries to smother Helena with a pillow to the face. It probably would've done her some good to learn a thing or two about Helena's past first, though, because Helena doesn't go down that easy and as soon as Gracie turns her back, she gets a headlock for her troubles. Helena keeps her there until Gracie passes out and then proceeds to make her way out of the house she's been held in.

On her way out, Helena has flashbacks to her "wedding night" in which she was sedated and had some kind of procedure performed on her reproductive organs. At first, it's not clear what exactly they did to her, but by the end of the episode we learn that they've created a test tube baby from egg cells taken from Helena. Because sure, she seems like she'd be a fine mother.

We learn a little more about Mrs S's past when she goes looking for a man named Carlton, who brought Sarah to her all those years ago. Their relationship is — and I just can't find another way to put this — hot. The tension between them is undeniable and, as Carlton puts it, he'd kill his own mother if Mrs S asked him to. More of the two of them, please. You know, if there's downtime between plot points.

And finally, Sarah returns to Mrs S's apartment where she learns that Rachel's adoptive parents were the scientists involved in Project Lida. Sarah then heads over to Rachel's empty apartment to do some snooping, only for the not dead at all Daniel to show up and knock her out. When Sarah wakes, he presses her for information that she refuses to give, so he breaks out a razor blade and starts slicing her face open. And then Helena shows up, having followed Sarah from Mrs S's place, and saves the day by killing Daniel. Naturally, Sarah is freaked the heck out, given that the last time she saw Helena, she kind of, you know, murdered her a little bit, and now suddenly Helena's standing before her covered in blood and carrying a knife. Only she doesn't intend to kill Sarah. She thinks it's a miracle they're back together, and she wants Sarah to comfort her about what happened at the compound.

That last scene honestly makes up for the plot hole in the first, I think. Tatiana Maslany's performance as both Sarah and Helena in that moment is so perfect and raw that everything else just washes away.

See you next week, when hopefully we find out more about Mrs S's history and find out what Helena wants from Sarah.

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