Orphan Black season 2 episode 2 review: Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion

Review Kaci Ferrell
27 Apr 2014 - 10:00

This week, we learn more about Mrs. S's past as Allison grows increasingly disconnected from the rest of Clone Club...

This review contains spoilers.

2.2 Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion

Cosima doesn't have much to do this episode, which is a shame considering how great she is. I suspect that she'll have a bigger role to play as the season goes on, given that she's now perfectly positioned within Dyad to learn more about the clones' DNA; for now, however, she's mostly relegated to a few scenes where she's given her own lab and told to go wild picking her own equipment and personnel. In return, all they want is for her to figure out why Sarah had a child but the other clones are infertile. The most popular theory I've seen online is that Sarah (and, by extension Helena, as her twin) is the original, but I hope it's something less obvious than that. Don't get me wrong, it's a perfectly logical reason, but if it's something that simple and that obvious, the "mystery" has been drawn out too long at this point for the reveal to feel worth it.

Meanwhile, Sarah gets absconded off by Mrs. S's friends to reunite her with Kira. It's all so pleasant and convenient that you just know there's something sinister looming on the horizon. It seems to be Siobhan's alleged involvement with Project Lida. Right up until Kira reveals that she doesn't trust Mrs. S and that she saw her guardian find the picture in Sarah's birth mother's belongings.

As Sarah sneaks Kira out the back and tries to steal one of the vehicles, Mrs. S herself grows increasingly suspicious of her former friends. I know I said last week that Sarah was the ultimate badass, but there's something to be said for pinning someone to a table by impaling both their hands, shooting their husband to allow Sarah and Kira to escape, and then shooting the woman just to finish it all off. Perhaps not as stunning as breaking through a wall to escape, but it definitely ranks on the badass list.

Meanwhile, Allison grows increasingly alienated from her suburban life as all the other housewives gossip about her at Aynsley's funeral. All except her musical co-star, Sarah Stubb, who tries so hard to stand by her. Her friendship reminds me a lot of Allison's and Felix's, actually. Not because Sarah Stubb and Felix are anything alike, mind you, but more because they are so completely different and so good at unintentionally making Allison feel awkward... right up until she finds that she actually likes what they bring out in her. I hope she lets Sarah Stubb in more, especially now that Felix has left with Sarah, right when she needs someone to talk to about Donnie being her watcher and how that plays into her letting Aynsley die.

And finally, the Proletheans have taken Helena from the hospital and killed the man who disagrees with their stance on her role in their religion. They also seem to be obsessed with whether or not Helena can get pregnant, so that is leading absolutely nowhere good.

This was a really tense episode, especially all the scenes between Sarah and Siobhan. It's impossible to tell when Mrs. S is being genuine and why she's trying to get away with Kira. We know now that she's not a Prolethean, which is good, but what was her role in Project Lida, and what does she want to do with Sarah and Kira now? Why didn't Sarah's birth mother trust her?

I have so many questions, and every answer creates more of them. I need it to be next Saturday, please.

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