Once Upon A Time casts Frozen's Elsa

News Louisa Mellor 4 Jul 2014 - 06:06

Fringe's Georgina Haig will be playing Elsa from Frozen in Once Upon A Time season four...

Ever since a blue-robed figure manifested out of a patch of sparkly ice at the cliff-hanger to Once Upon A Time's third season finale, the question of who the series would cast as Elsa from Frozen has done the rounds.

Following the news that relative newcomers Elizabeth Lail and Scott Michael Foster were joining Once in the roles of Anna and Kristoff from the animated Disney film, we also know who our Elsa will be: Georgina Haig.

Haig is best recognised around these parts as Peter and Olivia's daughter from Fringe, Etta (see below). Recent roles for the actress include the part of Paula Yates in an INXS miniseries, and a recurring role in crime drama Reckless.


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Awesome choice.

I've not seen her in anything so its difficult to have an opinion but I think Once tends to do well in casting, it's the writing that can bring it down. I'm hoping they don't have a season split again as there seemed to be less opportunities for supporting cast members to make appearances and the main cast get a bit tiring, particularly when the storylines get a bit repeative. I'd love to see more from Ruby, Grumpy, Archie, Mulan, Sidney Glass and what happened to Pinocchio? He was one of my favourite characters.

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