Once Upon A Time season 3 episode 19 review: A Curious Thing

Review Kylie Peters
29 Apr 2014 - 21:57

Everyone's getting their memories back, and there's a baby on the way. Here's Kylie's review of the latest Once Upon A Time...

This review contains spoilers.

3.19 A Curious Thing

After a lengthy cycle of Zelena antics, Once Upon a Time picks up the pace this week as it nears the season’s conclusion. Several issues that have hung over the story since the midseason premiere are resolved. The fairy tale characters regain their memories of their lost months in the Enchanted Forest. Henry regains his memory of his entire bizarro Disney-fied life. We learn how the fairy tale folk returned to Storybrooke and why they lost their memories. And after all that action, what else could follow but Snow going into labor?

In the Enchanted Forest flashbacks, the good guys learn that Zelena is after the unborn baby and visit Glinda, who, despite being highlighted in the promo, spends only about two minutes onscreen informing them that they need light magic to defeat Zelena. Zelena has a pendant that is the source of her powers, which they must destroy. Light magic, a pendant... this show is always throwing in new artifacts and magical mechanics. They’ve built a pretty complex magical world already, so can’t they work with what they’ve got? It would make a lot more sense and seem a lot less cheap. (Side note: why is Snow pure of heart enough to go through the door to see Glinda? What ever happened to her heart turning black?)

Snow and Charming decide light magic must reside in Emma, because she is the Saviour so therefore the solution to all plot problems. Along with Regina (who is really working the scathing one-liners this week), Snow and Charming plan to recast the curse by having Snow give up the thing she loves most: Charming’s heart. Wait, what? They’re planning to kill Charming just like that? Yes, yes they are. Maybe Snow secretly finds him as insufferable as I do.

We already know from the present-day plotline that Charming isn’t dead, so all the crying and “we-have-to-do-this-for-our-child”-ing is boring, not to mention rushed and entirely unbelievable. Snow smooshes his heart to dust and he dies, but then they get him back because... wait for it... Snow and Charming metaphorically share one heart, so Regina can break Snow’s heart in two and put half in each of them. That is some pungent Wisconsin cheese right there. I don’t think even Once in Wonderland ever reached this level of cheesiness.

In Storybrooke the gang decides, in a bit of a retcon, that they need belief to break the curse, so they plan to use the fairy tale storybook to restore the faith of the truest believer, Henry. (Who, by the way, still plays Game Boy for some reason, the little hipster. Then again, Charming has a flip phone.) Zelena has told Hook that if he doesn’t kiss Emma and take away her magic, she will kill Henry. So Hook tries to help Henry run away to New York, but succeeds only in pissing off Emma. Finally, he has to admit to her that his lips are cursed.

This hot mess of an episode goes a long way to redeem itself when Henry regains his memories from the storybook and has a heartwarming reunion with his adoptive mom Regina. Even better, it is not Emma’s but Regina’s love for Henry that breaks this second curse and restores everyone’s memories. Finally, some appreciation for Regina as a mother! Also, Henry thinks it’s totally badass that his mom is dating Robin Hood, which is a perfect reaction.

In the end, Henry and Emma visit the grave of Neal, who makes a brief flashback cameo this week when he sends Hook the message to go find Emma in New York. But naturally, the moment of calm is interrupted by baby.

Next week, labor scenes and the appearance of Dorothy, who apparently melts Zelena. It can’t be that easy!

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