Michael Socha joins Once Upon A Time

News Louisa Mellor 2 Apr 2014 - 08:15

Now the spin-off has been cancelled, Being Human's Michael Socha has joined its parent show, Once Upon A Time...

Once Upon A Time In Wonderland was a punt that didn't pay off for ABC. An Alice-based spin-off of the parent show, Once Upon A Time, it failed to engage its ready-made audience or attract newcomers, hence the network closing the door to Wonderland after thirteen episodes this coming Friday. 

Amidst the disappointment though, is good news for one actor: Being Human and This Is England's Michael Socha. Socha played Will Scarlet, aka the Knave Of Hearts in the short-lived Lewis Carroll-inspired series, and will now be joining the parent show as a regular character in its fourth season.

That fourth season is yet to be officially announced, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, it's merely a formality at this stage.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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The ratings failure of Once: Wonderland was a sure thing, given that ABC put it in it's thursday night dead slot in which no show for at least three years has survived. I still wonder what would have happend to the series if ABC stayed put with it's original strategy to air this on sunday, when the parent show was on hiatus. Luckely the show has a closed of story for once series.

That they now bring the Knave of Hearts/Will Scarlett to the parent show is a good thing. Interesting how Robin Hood will react. (Thinking of which wasn't Mulan a Marry (wo)man? Where is she?) It's also something that reminds me of the story conclusions they put in The X-Files when Millennium and The Lone Gunmen were cancelled.

Of course Once is getting a fourth season, the syndication moneyboat is already on the horizon for ABC. Also the show is still pulling good ratings.

I enjoyed Once Upon a Time in Wonderland but it's not surprising that it got cancelled. It didn't really wow me and I sort of felt it followed in the same foot steps as Once did. I was really hoping for a very different tone as the book Alice in Wonderland is completely insane.
I think Will Scarlet will fit into Once very well - he's already got a relationship to Robin Hood so there could some interesting tension there.
I'd also like to see Jafar back, providing that he isn't dead by the end of Wonderland. They could maybe show differences between Enchanted Forest magic and Arabic magic - if there are any.

Great news! Socha is a highlight in Once in Wonderland, which is otherwise pretty meh. Though I stand by my assessment that Once Upon a Time has too many characters, I will make an exception for Will. There's always room for the Knave.

I have to be honest - I have seen this guy's picture a few times and EVERY time, I thought he was Jake Gyllenhal.

I are embarassedness.

Well that was obvious, as he we already knew he had an apartment in Storybook and kept his heart there. The writers clearly have more story for his character.

Which is probably why I noticed him from the beginning of 'being human' :-))...miss that show so much!

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