Michael Socha joins Once Upon A Time

News Louisa Mellor
2 Apr 2014 - 08:15

Now the spin-off has been cancelled, Being Human's Michael Socha has joined its parent show, Once Upon A Time...

Once Upon A Time In Wonderland was a punt that didn't pay off for ABC. An Alice-based spin-off of the parent show, Once Upon A Time, it failed to engage its ready-made audience or attract newcomers, hence the network closing the door to Wonderland after thirteen episodes this coming Friday. 

Amidst the disappointment though, is good news for one actor: Being Human and This Is England's Michael Socha. Socha played Will Scarlet, aka the Knave Of Hearts in the short-lived Lewis Carroll-inspired series, and will now be joining the parent show as a regular character in its fourth season.

That fourth season is yet to be officially announced, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, it's merely a formality at this stage.

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