Once Upon A Time dropped by Channel 5 in the UK

News Louisa Mellor 17 Dec 2013 - 12:55

Channel 5 has confirmed it won't be airing season 3 of Once Upon A Time in the UK...

This could be bad news for UK fans of ABC's Once Upon A Time, as Digital Spy has learned that Channel 5 is not intending to renew the rights for season three. Seasons one and two were both shown on the UK terrestrial channel, but "at the moment", 5 is "not intending to pick up the show."

Unless another UK broadcaster snaps up season three of the fairytale series, UK fans may be left waiting for the disc release to find out what befalls the Storybrooke lot in their third run. We'll keep you posted.

Read our look-back at Once Upon A Time's first season, here, and read our spoiler-filled reviews of season 3, here.


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Thats a shame as I am really enjoying the whole season 3 arc with Peter Pan and Neverland

Or torrents...

Not good as Season 3 is much better than Season 2 was!

I guess this automaticly means for UK viewers that Once Upon a Time in Wonderland is off the board too?
Plus I love the third season, much better than season 2, but I'm still wondering what happend to Cinderella's prince in the fairytaleland that was. He's like Once's version of the Lost icebear.

Also, I feel your pain UK people. Where I live they rather air reruns of CSI than a new show from the UK or US. Heck, when they do it's the first season on prime time and everything after that never comes or in the middle of the night! They once aired a new season of Stargate at 4 am! But we do have double bills of Revolution. It's something!

such a shame, if only there was somewhere you could watch - free tv video online - legally of course!

Fwiw I think season 3 has been tripe, constant pointless cliffhangers resolved the next episode and the worse writing to date leaving quality characters like rumple look witless and dull. I had hoped the change of scene would bring back some of the greatness of the first season but it was more like a dull camping trip in the woods, full of long walks and dull chats around the camp fire.

You know that thats why many people watch the show online and you help the piracy grow?

UK viewers should still be able to watch OUAT on Netflix. Season 3 hasn't finished yet, it's on a winter break until March 2014. Netflix won't show it until after the season is finished, probably a couple months afterwards. Also, you may be able to access it through youtube.

I think this might be down to cost. The ratings for Season 3 have dropped quite a bit from what Season 2 was getting. We have plenty of time for a UK broadcaster to pick the show up now anyway, the show is on hiatus till March 2014 in America.

All of the Neverland stuff was done inside Bridge Studios in Canada, they spent a ton of money, likely millions creating the forest like set. They probably wanted to get their moneys worth by having a ton of episodes in Neverland.

I'm surprised Once Upon a Time in Wonderland hasn't been picked up, yes the ratings are dreadful, and the special effects mediocre, but the show is literally full of British actors/actresses, the accents are very British as you might expect. Especially Knave, and Alive lol

IMO I don't think it even looked good for that much money spent, I think they would have done better hiring a few new writers and heading off to a real forest.

And as a Brit I'm more than a bit annoyed with what they have done with both Peter Pan and Robin Hood but maybe that's just me.

Once Upon A Time in Wonderland is MUCH BETTER anyway! The characters & the upcoming storyline are well worth the wait!

Bloody Sky have blocked that particular website. I am most displeased.

The way that C5 treat; The Walking Dead, Dallas and Archer by shunting them around their channels and into 'graveyard slots' they will probably be next to be dropped.

With their showing of The Walking Dead lower figures are to be expected as Fox UK have already screened it months earlier before you consider streaming/downloads and the importable DVD/Blu-rays being released in the US mid-C5 screening.

C4 seem to have it pretty right with Marvel's Agents of SHIELD and homeland. Treating them well and showing episodes days after US transmission in HD too for Freeview/Freeway/Youview viewers without Sky or Virgin unlike the C5 channels in SD.

Unless another channel such as E4 picks it up but they are just about to start airing their new 2014 show such as The Tomorrow People and may not want a 3 year old show.

Oh, C5 do that too. Constant repeats of episodes or edited movies of the various CSI shows in the afternoons and in primetime. I think the channel should be renamed CSI5.

My friend I am quite sure I don't know what you're on about ;)

If I was though I may have heard you can download Opera browser and once you do tick "off road mode" in the drop down menu and such problems are fixed or more truthfully bypassed.

For the record I've not tried this so cant verify it works but would be interested to know if it does as I'm sure other ISP will follow suit and may need to do this myself in the future, although I'm still quite sure I don't know what you're talking about :)

That is not at all useful advise, I'm sure no one here needs unfettered access to the internet and I am certain that I will not be following the above instructions.

its just you robbie kay as peter pan was brill can't wait for the second half in March =D Wicked is Coming!

eztv is still open, pirate proxy and solarmovie ru as well as a letmewatch proxy. Hope this helps :)

Well they animation of the White Rabbit is pretty decent, but yes it's not Avatar.
The ratings are a whole different discussion. ABC put the show in their black hole in the schedule. For the last years no show in Wonderland's hour made it to a second season. Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue where in it last year. Originally the series was to air on sundays between the winter finale and spring premiere of Once, a period that you could also call the Winter Olympics. One could wonder what the outcome would than have been. Luckely it's a finished story by the end of the finale.

Season 3 is very good and the finale was excellent!

I was going to wait for it to come on UK television but seeing as a channel hasn't picked up the third series yet I might as well see if I can stream it online XD

Channel 5 is a dead channel now anyway, they don't properly advertise programmes that are due to come on or pop them into a slot that they know won't be contending with the main BBC and ITV programmes and they always do reruns of CSI, House etc. I like those programmes but I've seen the episodes they air WAY too many times now -.-
I only found Once Upon a Time by accident on channel 5's catch up service but if it wasn't for that I probably wouldn't have ever seen or heard of it D;

Really disappointed with this; me and my sister absolutely love the show and season 3 looks like the best yet. Channel 5 should drop stupid shows like big brother and start broadcasting good shows again. Hopefully a channel like E4 will pick up the rights since they've shown good Abc/american shows in the past and is one of the only uk channels that isn't dead now because of all crap it's showing to fill slots.


I'm looking for friends how they can watch, what in the world was 5 thinking? Does Hulu gave the show or abc, com? I'm determined to help, and when i get determined... :0)

Still better than most shows. the dark forest was not my fave, too much fpeter pan stuff. and i still wonder how they showered ;0) But i liked Ariel and all that we learned about Rumplestiltskin.... wow make a girl with crappy parents cry!
I'm clueless about free SAFE for the computer places to watch - if anyone knows, please share so i can help some folks,i'd appreciate it a lot.

It looked like the "Lost" set with the lights off ;0) Millions? gazoink.

There wouldn't be pirates if the treasure weren't so damn free to others and so shiny. I mean heck, i have no dog in this fight but my life is chock full of unfair. If i can help someone watch a TV show that cheers them up, then you can bloody well call me a Pirate. Hey, it's even my school's mascot, i guess it's my destiny :)

lol! I needed a laugh, thank you :0) We get CSI round the clock too it seems... no clue why though. I really hope you all can find a way to watch the shows. fingers crossed.

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