Once Upon A Time season 2 trailer

News Louisa Mellor 11 Sep 2012 - 08:00

The wicked witches, princesses and other fairy tale folk of Once Upon A Time will soon be back on our screens…

When we last saw the Once Upon A Time gang, they were being engulfed by a mystical purple magic-restoring cloud which promised to cause all manner of monkeyshines for the new season. That new season is now fast-approaching, and due to premiere on ABC on Sunday the 30th of September.

We'll be taking a look-back at season one before kicking off our weekly episode reviews of the new series in a few weeks, but until then, why not have a brief glimpse at what Storybrooke can expect in the new run?


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I really enjoyed this show, I hope it keeps the feel fresh and stays away from overstretching the storyline. Sorry to see Ch5 are not airing S2 until 2013 though.

Great news, I'm glad five aren't above US imports. Now, if someone would care to explain why Regina seems to genuinely love Henry...

Because he's a replacement/substitute for her father Henry (in the fairytale world), the one person she really loved but had to kill in order to enact the curse and get her revenge - the connection is made pretty clear in one of the early episodes of season 1 (called 'The thing you love the most')

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