New Robin Hood series in development

News Louisa Mellor 12 Feb 2014 - 08:14
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. A 1991 hit...

The creator of NBC's Dracula, Cole Haddon, is developing a new Robin Hood series for BBC America. You're going to want to hear this...

Though in general, we here try to reserve judgement until seeing a finished product, there are some TV show premises that, no matter how you frame them, sound as if they've been conceived by Donald Kaufman in Adaptation

To wit, BBC America is developing a new version of the Robin Hood story called Nottingham. The twist? The Sheriff of Nottingham and his nemesis Robin Hood are the same person. We kid you not. That's the pitch.

Cole Haddon, the creator of NBC's recently concluded Dracula (read our spoiler-filled reviews here) is the driving force behind the project. Here's how Deadline described the concept:

"Nottingham centers on the Sheriff of Nottingham whose wife is killed by King John’s men. When nobody is brought to justice, the Sheriff launches a one-man war against the Crown. By day, he remains the reviled Sheriff, loyal servant of the King, but by night he puts on a hood and, using the intelligence he gains from his office, attacks the King where it hurts the most — his coffers."

Must reserve judgement. Must reserve judgement. Must. Reserve. Judgement.


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Wasn't Ridley Scott toying with this concept originally?

Well ..... at least it's a different twist on the old story. If it was
just another remake of previous film/tv versions then we would be bored.
I'll wait for the pilot before I judge.

To be honest, I think this could be interesting; I doubt it'll get past one series, but at least they're doing something slightly different with the legend. And, hopefully, they'll cast a few English people in the main roles (unlike Sir Ridders did in his flick -- the only English guy was the villain, and none of the Merry Men had convincing accents!)

Rich, selfish playboy with a hooded vigilante alter ego? Unless you're not a Batman fan I'm not sure there's much to be sceptical about.

This was the original concept for what became Ridley Scott's 'Robin Hood' but was sadly abandoned quite late in the process for something much more mundane.

I think it's an interesting take, although essentially 'Batman in the Forest.' But hey, that could work.

The World doesn't need another Robin Hood.

He directed the god-awful Russell Crowe version I believe? His work is done.

I'm a sucker for Robin Hood so I'm in! The only drawback is they'll film it in Eastern Europe and Merry Olde England will have castles and houses with terracotta tiles! The best Robin Hood was the Michael Praed version mullets and all!

It's Arrow set in medieval times.

Just don't F' up the casting like they did with the last BBC adaptation (Richard Armitage would have been a far better Robin than the whinging pretty boy we got)

I reckon Robin hood can cope with a lot of weird ideas so i'll give it whirl, just make it as exciting as the Musketeers is

Agreed, enough, already!

I tried to watch the BBC one last year when looking for TV to binge on and I couldn't do it because I hated Robin Hood so much! Not enjoying The Musketeers either, though. So boring!

"'Batman in the Forest.'" I hope they adopt this for the official tagline!

It starts with young Robin, full of teen angst and best friends with a young Sheriff of Nottingham. Everybody has American accents and Nottingham looks like the wilderness in Canada. Merlin will probably be in it at some point. Over 10 seasons, it shows how Robin becomes Robin Hood with his best friend, Dave Nottingham, taking his darker path towards becoming the Sheriff. Sherwoodville.

Someone found the old Nottingham script (not that hard, I had it at one point) and retooled it for a TV show then. Can't be worse than the BBC version (ironically, the best part of that debacle was the villains...)

Soooo....Arrow then...?

Sorry Drquackus, didn't spot your post.

I really don't hate this idea. At least it would be an interesting spin to try.

I thought it was going to be set in America during Colonial times or something from the lead-in!

So... when does he sleep?

Could be worth a watch, but I find the hate for the earlier BBC version odd - personally, I bloody loved Maid Marian and Her Merry Men.

He has 2 brains. Sheriff brain sleeps at night. Robin brain sleeps at day. The brains have a chat at changeover time to tell each other what's what and so on. Obviously.

Right? That's just the original Russell Crowe pitch, before they took everything original from it and just made it Robin Hood.


*Prince John ;)

Even reserving judgement my every cell screams NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

He could also be Maid Marion; then all three of them could go and f*ck themselves.

This smells like the original concept of the Ridley Scott 'Robin Hood' movie.

Yeah, it does sound that way.

I loved the BBC Robin Hood (up to and including the fact they'd have incredibly accurate medieval stuff in there for shits and giggles alongside the Primark hoodies and casino tables) and am such a sucker for most Robin Hood, was really excited for the original Nottingham concept before Ridley screwed it up. However. Dracula. biting fingers nervously.

Americans are never happy unless they can rewrite history to suit themselves!

As has been said, sounds suspiciously similar to the original concept for Ridley Scott's Robin Hood (though I believe the idea was they would be separate people but both played by Crowe.)

rewrite history? Robin Hood is fictional - a legend based on a ballard, it has been changed and manipulated so many times that for once the Americans can change stuff if they want. Even Maid Marian wasn't originally apart of the legend.

I'll give it a whirl.

i was going to give this a miss until i read the plot it does sound pretty interesting

Hmm this does sound interesting.

What? What? What? This looks...what?

Yeah this is basically what Ridley Scott's Robin Hood started out like. Disappointed in Den Of Geek for being slow on the uptake here!

This sounds like an interesting concept, but the 2006 series will always be my favorite and there is no better villain than Keith Allen as the sheriff.

Wasn't the original Idea that the sheriff was the good guy shown sympathetically and robin hood actualy the bad guy? Sounded like an interesting idea until Ridley Scott ruined it


It would be quite the twist if Robin Hood was a Dolphin

Should have gone the other way; The Sheriff of Nottingham dresses up as Robin Hood to infiltrate a gang of outlaws, undercover cop style!

No it wasn't. Scott's version was originally going to have the Sheriff as the sympathetic character & Robin as the villain

It actually went through both versions during rewrites before the Nottingham title was dropped and we got the dull Robin Hood.

It's about time they re-made Robin Hood. There are five-year-olds alive today who have NEVER seen a new production of Robin Hood. Can you imagine?

Green Arrow was based on Robin Hood.

Kids these days...

Lol. I'm 38.

A new version of Robin Hood, followed by a new version of King Arthur, followed by a new version of Robin Hood, followed by a new version .......

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