Neil Gaiman's American Gods and Anansi Boys TV updates

News Louisa Mellor 4 Feb 2014 - 07:32

The American Gods adaptation has moved from HBO to FremantleMedia and Anansi Boys is coming to UK television...

Neil Gaiman fans have been following the treacle-slow progress of HBO's American Gods adaptation for years now, and now, it looks as though the project might finally get motoring under another aegis.

HBO and sister company Cinemax officially passed on American Gods late last year, letting their option on the adaptation expire after the production of three different pilot scripts. Picking up the project is FremantleMedia with former Playtone producer Stefanie Berk, whom Gaiman describes as "determined to bring American Gods to the screen".

Bringing Gaiman's expansive, layered, myth-laden novel to television will be no mean feat, but with new blood pushing the project, the years-long promise of seeing Shadow, Wednesday and co. on television may finally be made good on. This is happy news.

Yet more happy news is that Anansi Boys, Gaiman's 2005 family legend novel is also being adapted for television, this time by UK production company, Red, for the BBC.

More news on both projects as it arrives.

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Excellent news!
I was really happy when I thought HBO would be running with it, but actually this feels even better. As an HBO show it might have played second fiddle to Game of Thrones, but it deserves to stand shoulder-to-shoulder as a - dare I say - competitor.

It's a shame that HBO aren't going to adapt it as they have a good pedigree in making intelligent, well-made serialised programming and FreemantleMedia make The X Factor. I shall remain open minded however as I really, really want to see American Gods made into a TV series and whoever end up producing it, I'm sure will make a good job.

Isn't Anansi Boys a sort of spin off from American Gods? That's how I always looked at it anyway

Cant wait AG is my fav novel of his!

yeah its exactly that

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