Is Morph due a comeback?

News Louisa Mellor 8 Jul 2013 - 16:30

Aardman animation boss, Peter Lord, has been in meetings about Morph. Who'd like to see the return of Tony Hart's Plasticine pal?

Here's a bit of nostalgic cheer for a Monday afternoon.

We'll wager that more than a few of you grew up watching children's TV presenter Tony Hart interact with Morph, the Plasticine scamp who lives in a box of art supplies and speaks in a language of honks and word-imitating toots. Readers of a, er, lesser vintage may have met Morph on SmArt in the nineties.

Jog your memories with this short clip:

Morph's creator, Aardman's Peter Lord, asked his Twitter followers today if they thought Morph was due a comeback. Unsurprisingly, the first volley of response was overwhelmingly in the positive. Here's the message Lord sent:

"Just been having a meeting about Morph. Due for a comeback? He's up for it, I tell you."

Well if Morph's up for it, then so are we. The only question is, who could replace the wonderful Tony Hart as his human chum?


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SmArt was on the Beeb.

Didn't Morph have his own show at one point? With more than Morph and Chas.

I seem to remember a big blue guy, possibly called Gillespie? It might have been a dream though.

An actual art show would be great, but I suspect we'll just get Shaun the Sheep length episodes. Which would also be great as it's Aardman.

It'd be even better to get a feature length 18 cert. film of what Morph's been up to in his long hiatus. That nasty business with the blu tack girls, the bulldog clips & the elastic bands, then the addiction to Tippex and white spirits before the joyful rehabilitation of the little squishy guy.

How about that Andrew Scott fellow replacing Tony Hart? Maybe not because he'll be too busy with Doctor Who.

I remember that show, it was something like the amazing adventures of Morph and friends. I got a Morph plastacene kit one Christmas.

Matt Baker?

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