10 teasers for Misfits series 5

Odd List Caroline Preece 21 Oct 2013 - 07:00

Caroline reveals ten things she picked up about the new series of Misfits whilst visiting the set...

Warning: if you want to go in to Misfits series 5 knowing absolutely nothing, don't read ahead...

Anticipation for the last ever series of E4’s Misfits is pretty high and, before the premiere this week, we were lucky enough to visit the set just after filming for series five had wrapped up for good. After a quick walk around the set, we picked the brains of Joseph Gilgun (Rudy), Karla Crome (Jess), Nathan McMullen (Finn), Matt Stokoe (Alex) and Natasha O’Keeffe (Abbey) – and they had some interesting titbits about what we can expect from upcoming episodes. Who will die? Will we be seeing any returning cast members? And will we ever find out what’s going on with Abbey?

1. As expected, Alex will indeed be receiving a brand new power after his lung transplant. That new ability is potentially even more embarrassing than his gender swap problem of series four. It’s also responsible for getting him in the orange jumpsuit with the rest of the cast.

2. There will be plenty of power use in series five, with a good amount of green screen action and even some flying. We’re promised that the superhero element of the show will return after its absence in series four.
3. There’s going to be a new villain named Scary, and a mysterious turtle, both of which are related to Abbey’s mystery identity. 
4. A brand new (pretty awesome) set has been built for the Power Support Group that will be a main feature of the final series. Powers there include a woman who can knit the future and a return from Tim, the guy from series two who sees life as a video game.
5. We won’t be seeing guest appearances from any original characters such as Nathan or Kelly, so series five will finish with the current cast. Some expected guest stars from characters, such as Finn’s sister Grace, will also not be happening, but expect plenty of cameos from other, more minor, old faces.
6. There will only be two Rudys this year, and Joseph Gilgun hasn’t become any fonder of filming the dual roles. They will both appear in the premiere with separate storylines, and we will also see at least one of them with a beard later on in the series.
7. After the first episode, Jess won’t be bothering with a relationship with either Finn or Alex, but will instead choose someone else as her significant other. Romance will, however, still be a main part of her story, and we’ll never learn her last name.
8. The death of the probation worker isn’t a certainty this time around, and there’s every chance Shaun may even be granted a happy, death-free, ending. There’s no word on whether he’ll be doing any more karaoke, however.
9. Some scenes involving Alex this year had to get clearance from lawyers before shooting – for the first time in the show’s history. We can only imagine what those scenes entail...
10. The cast describe the ending as emotional. There’s not necessarily complete closure on absolutely everything, but it will hopefully satisfy viewers nonetheless. They kept tight-lipped on the possibility of a movie but, if there is one, only Joseph Gilgun is likely to be involved along with some of the original series one cast members.

Misfits series 5 starts on E4 on Wednesday the 23rd of October at 10pm. Read our spoiler-free review of the first episode, here, and come back tomorrow for interviews with the cast.

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I love Misfits but I've missed the final episode of the last two series so I have no idea what is going on.

Show started getting awful after the end of Season 2, havent watched it since that annoying Rudy showed up.

Then you're missing out, Rudy's great, the new cast are great and the writing is as sharp and witty as ever. The only problem with series four was the absence of powers, they were quite rare but that's because of an entire new gang and saying goodbye to Curtis.

i'm confused to why howard overman said there will be a film and it's written and ready to go, but here it says they don't know if there will be. also i'm concerned when it says joe gilgun and some old cast will be in it. does this mean we won't see all of the old and new cast? i hope nathan and curtis are in the film?

Also I really hope this series ends on a high note and not like Heroes which ended on a low note. Also I am hoping when/if the film is made and comes out it's good and contains all the old cast. i'm rather sad to hear we won't have the newbies in it. apart from rudy.

The new probation worker is called Greg, not Shaun. :p

The actor is called Shaun :P Simple mix up I guess

"and a return from Tim, the guy from series two who sees life as a video game"

This made my day.

You missed zombie cheerleaders...silly rabbit.

You missed out. Rudy was irritating at first, but he grows on you.

I personally think that a big mistake. An it the writer caving into the fans. There no reason why the newbies and the oldies can't all be in it.

Writing a script is easy, securing funding and distribution for the film is longest and hardest part of any film. It can take years secure funding. Good thing is that 4 have had some good successes with it films and superhero films have excellent box office terms recently. It likely they will need to find a partner to share the costs through, as they will likely need a far bigger budget than something inbetweeners. I hope they don't tone it down to suit the American market.

they can't all be in it because 10 Misfits is too many for a 130 minute movie. 5 has always been the magic number. Some of the original cast is scary. Unfortunately by some I think it means everyone except Nathan's coming back. I think i speak for at least 99% of the fans when I say Nathan is the best character of the series.

Nathan needs to return he is by far the best character

Indeed I stopped watching after he was out picture.

You mean like when you want a Coca-Cola but all that's left is Diet?

Lol, pretty much.

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