Misfits renewed for series 5

News Louisa Mellor 17 Dec 2012 - 12:46

It looks as though E4's Misfits will be returning for a fifth series...

We're still waiting for the official, inked-in, double-stamped announcement, but it's understood that Misfits has been renewed for a fifth series.

Last night saw the broadcast of the show's series four finale (read our review, here), the conclusion to eight episodes of upheaval, new characters, new powers, and - some, at least - disgruntled fans.  

Our take is that last night's instalment showed a promising return to the show's sci-fi/fantasy roots, and prepared the ground for a fifth series that will feature less teen relationship drama, and more of the old show's powers, violence and whip-smart dialogue. 

Bedding in an almost entirely new cast over just a few episodes is no mean feat, and though series four hasn't been smooth sailing for the E4 show, the finale left us comfortably feeling that a fifth series commission is still cause for celebration. 

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The continuity announcer said over the credits that the show would be back sometime next year.

There has to be a fifth series. It makes no sense for there not to be. Theres still so much that needs to happen (Alex lung transplant, finding out more about Abby, the probation worker etc) At least I hope there is anyway....

Kill it off now. Save us another year of the rubbish that the wrote for this season. Seasons 1-3 were quality. Season 4 was awful.

I'm actually really pleased at this, I'm interested to see how Alex's arc develops and I'd love to see some more of Abby, I think that she has so much potential and she's just brilliant.

Please dont :D

I personally really enjoyed this series..as I did a the others. Hope theres a 5!!

noooo :( Series 1 was good Series 2 was phenomenal series 3 was interesting but series 4 was just heartbreakingly not as good as any of the others

i personally like this new cast as much as the others rudy is obviously my fave and i miss nathan etc, but the new cast are good enough for my liking... id be peeved if they didnt commission another one

i disagree, you have just jumped on the "old gang" bandwagon, while season 4 was not the best, it was still addicting and fun to watch, i like the new gang, especially abbey. the new season was really good, and well worth a watch for misfits fans, might i recomend stepping down off the band wagon, and giving this season a real no biased review?

I'm actually really interested to see how this new season goes, I'd like to see how the alex arc turns out, what power he gets, I'd also like to see Finn actually develop his telekinesis, i know its been kind of the theme for this show (to have crappily ironic powers) but they should have at least some power development, like simon with his invisibility and curtis, on occasion, with his time travelling

i think they should bring back simon

You know, technically, Simon and Alishia could both come back. Simon knows what happens to Alishia and he has plenty of time before he dies to tell her to keep an eye out for the crazy bitch with a knife. You could have an episode of Simon attempting to correct the vicious circle he and Alishia are trapped in and at the end of it succeed. Then the following episode, they'd just be there as though they have always been. That's just an off the of my head idea, but it's a workable return.
I didn't ever really like Curtis, didn't dislike him eiher, but he was he last of the original cast. I like Rudy, but I'm not feeling any of these new members. I'm not trying to be resistant to the evolution of the show, but they're going to have to find something phenominal for season 5 for me to remain interested.

Get Simon and Nathan back on and keep Curtis on for series 5

Definetly need Simon and Nathan back and some more Super hero powa story line

i miss kelly the rocket scientist & nathan the prick T_T

Right... Nathan was great... he was a soul of a company.. howeverr, not main character. He was like Barney in HIMYM, but, Simon.. honestly, all the strongest moments are around him, and he is changing from a social misfit to a respectable hero... As for me, he is a frontman of Misfits.

Series 1,2,3 was amazing. Series 4 was interesting to watch h cause I'd seen all the others. My favourite characters are Simon, Nathan Alishia and Curtis there all great actors and I recommend that they make a fifth series because it's just a really good thing to watch and I just want to see what happens

I'm hoping Alex will end up getting a power through that surgery that can somehow be a help to getting back Curtis, Simon, and Alisha back, and maybe Kelly and Nathan (if the actors decide to come back). Perhaps when Abby remembers who she is, that can help too.

I think what were all forgetting is nathan never died he went of to vegas when he got hes magican power.. I think series 5 could possibly see a return from vegas for nathan :). The whole series has been addictive i'd love to see a 5th.. Why not have all old members of the gang back and have it bigger and better this time with them altogether?? Would be the nuts!!

If they do a series 5 there are two things I really want to happen. 1) For Nathan to come back from Vegas 2) For Simon and Alisha to break out of the eternal time loop and be together in the future. If those things somehow miraculously happen I will definitely watch. Especially if I get to see Simon and Alisha together again...I really miss them :(

Rudy is great when he battles within himself. The other actors obviously aren't coming back, they just need a better storyline with the newbie's...i think we all hated Simon at first but he grows on you.. They could do it again with these blokes

Happy to hear there will be a 5th season. I was kinda done with the show after the very boring season 3 ( I personally didn't like it); but season 4 was pretty good.

Just because someone doesn't like it doesn't mean they are on a bandwagon. I LIKE the new gang, all of them, they fit well together, but I still think season 4 was terrible.

They should bring back nathan, him and rudy together would be halarious.
icygweens nathan was a main character but he left to grow his career as an actor.
on vega's baby nathan went to prison so hopefully he will come back into the series doing community service for him being in prison.

man I love misfits and personally I didn't think this was the best season but it had its kicks especially having the killer rabbit!!!!! I just cant wait to see what Alex's power will be and please put Finn and Jess together

Im noy a SlOT!!!

Season 4 wasn't that good at all, I'm not on any bandwagon but for 3 seasons straight you have the same people doing epic things then all of a sudden everyone is gone except one and the story line for each episode is just blahhh. I still love the show and would love to see where Season 5 heads but still I'm wanting more of the old gang and exciting plots.

I share the same feeling. I stop watching Misfits during season 3. It got boring without Nathan, and didn't really like Rudy at first. But gave season 4 a go, and though it was good. If you compare S4 to S1 and S2, it going to fall short for obvious reasons. But if you judge S4 by it self, it was entertaining, and i keep wanting more. So glad there will S5.

If they somehow are able to get the old gang back plus continue with the new gang it would actually make things a lot more interesting with the variety of personalities. I really would like for the old gang to come back, especially Simon and Alisha.

I miss the of gang, but enjoyed season 4. Looking forward to number 5 later this year.

nathan and simon

Nathan needs to return!!!!!

everyone wants to nathan pls

I see what you did there ;)


Need more Simon, never had a feeling for a serie like this. The whole group from 1st to 3rd season is the misfits group and i really enjoyed em.

I would like to come back with all 5 (((especially Simon and Kelly!

I would like to come back with all 5 (((especially Simon and Kelly!(((

Season 1 n 2 were epicly awesome, season 3 had to many relationships not enough killing (probation workers) or murder conspiracy (to do with probation workers, haven't seen season 4 yet, dont care if characters leave or not, long as theres a bitch, a prick, a wierd and slightly sexually confused (rudy) one, and they all gotta have epic powers off the A list!!!!!!!!!!!!

typo, (to do with probation workers) I forgot end bracket and thats important to me

They should defiantly bring back Nathan. I would be cool if Simon was brought back but it would be difficult… I think. Has anyone heard the rumour of a them doing a movie with Simons return? I don't think it's true but if it was that would be brilliant!

My perspecive season 4 sucks adding neathan would have fixed it I miss alisha and simon you need them in season 5 they are awsome all my friends and I were crying when you removed them from season 4

without Nathan this show is nothing as soon as he went out of the show it was not the same boring why do they always lose the main person in the show bring him back and save this falling show

for season 5 to be phenomenal i think they should include the fact that that simon finds away to break out of the eternal loop by avoiding his death and buying the return superpower therefore altering reality with simon rudy and alisha being the Probation workers with the new gang , or just them finding away to bring back ome old cast members without changing the new ASBO 5

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