Misfits series 4 finale review

Review Caroline Preece 17 Dec 2012 - 12:36

The E4 show's fourth season bows out on an episode that is more Misfits than anything else we've seen this year...

This review contains spoilers.

With series five confirmed for next year, this series finale of Misfits ends with suggestion and promise rather than the emotional climax we were handed last year. There’s madness, death, romance and – finally – powers, and it all adds up to become an episode that is more ‘Misfits’ than anything else we’ve seen this year. The writers haven’t been shy about changing things, and many fans have become disillusioned, but there’s a comforting sense that we’re now settled in for next year’s action. What this episode proves overall, however, is that, without Joseph Gilgun, the show might have been lost forever.

As an episode, this is probably one of the strongest of the year but, might it be too little too late in coming when compared to the quality of previous series? None of the new characters are bad, exactly, but they’re just not as strong of those they're replacing, who were a big part of the reason Misfits connected with fans in the way it did. Rudy isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but his stepping in for Nathan last year served to freshen up the dynamic, and replacing four regulars in the space of eight weeks has given series four a haphazard and chaotic feel that has sometimes overwhelmed what’s happening on-screen.

So it’s smart to have the last outing for 2012 a Rudy-centric adventure, as these episodes have proven to be the strongest and bravest since the reboot. He and Nadine are continuing with their complicated love affair, and it’s clear that Rudy cares more about this girl than he has anything, ever. It might be sudden, but completely in character, and there was never doubt in my mind that Rudy would come out of his ordeal a changed man. Let’s just hope the character development masterfully achieved in these forty minutes won’t be jettisoned by next year’s premiere.

This love story is by the far the most compelling and emotionally engaging element of series four, and the fact that it’s coming from such an ordinarily vulgar character just increases the effect. By association, Nadine’s fate somehow had more weight to it than the four new regulars, and the ultimate tragedy too easily distracted from Alex’s similarly bad fortune. The love triangle (now a square after Finn and Abbey’s awkward encounter) has been more miss than hit, just adding to the teen-drama feel that this year’s Misfits has captured, and it means much more to long-time viewers to see Rudy’s ET-ending ruined by power-fuelled misfortune.

The main issue many had with these episodes was the show’s apparent reluctance to remain a sci-fi show. Each week had an issue tied to the storm in some way, sure, but the regular characters rarely used their abilities. This week saw the welcome return of this element, as Jess, Finn and Rudy all used their respective powers in saving the day, and the hour just brought home how much the show had been missing them. Jess and Finn both have classic, simple, powers that are useful without being all-powerful, and the superhero-heavy second and third series are now a distance and much-missed memory.

But now we have to wonder what could happen to Alex, as his new transplanted lung suggests a much more interesting year ahead. We got used to all five central characters having powers, but we’re only three up right now. Abbey, who was more irritating than intriguing this week, probably has a doozy of a secret underneath her cloud of amnesia, and it looks like the fifth series could get back to this status quo quite easily. Finn and Rudy’s comment about using their powers more often felt like a throwaway line designed to quiet uppity viewers, and action speaks louder than words.

As a finale, this was a really good-looking (the four cyclists of the apocalypse looked great), pleasingly genre-infused outing that leads quite nicely into a, hopefully more confident, fifth series. The group are settled in now, even if some are better than others, and the writers have done a great job of transitioning into this soft-reboot without completely losing what made their show so special in the first place. If you abandoned Misfits after Simon and Alisha left, it was probably premature, and there’s still a lot to love about telly’s weirdest superhero show. 

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when does the review of the episode come out, this is just you talking about what will happen next season, with a couple of breif mentions about the episode, when does the REVIEW come out

Finn is really annoying. I think he needs to be replaced.
If Rudy wasn't around, i would have stopped watching.
I thought the episode was ok, but the Curtis one a few weeks ago, with come changes, would have been a better season ender.

Finale...more like FINALLY! As a dedicated fan of the series I've struggled thru this season with good faith the would return to what really made the series tick. As much as it is mentioned the blame is not on the character change. The writing lacks the momentum of previous seasons. Also what happened to the music in this season. The pacing of the stories and the infusion of a matched track made a memorial scene. It's is as though writers wrote the gross and or shocking parts first then tried to build a story....no hope for the next season.....but I will still watch to find out.

This series (when viewed as one long story) just wasn't engaging. The reason I enjoyed the first series was because of some very clever and original story lines. The time-travelling loop was excellent. But the episodes of this series have been too disparate, and the story arcs boring and largely irrelevant. Curtis dying was the only thing that moved the story along.

What were the writers thinking with this series? It's easily the worst. I was praying a new story would present itself but the story arcs went basically nowhere (for example the new probation worker being stange didn't take off and he felt really irrelevant). I didn't care at all for Jess, Alex, or Abbey (but i liked Finn and Rudy) and it just seems this series was a filler for something that SHOULD be better. Misfits is capable of it and I'm hoping series 5 offers a great new story arc matching the time travelling one, something like the origin of the storm having something to do with Abbey's origin; if Alex gets a power that could destroy the earth; if there's a werewolf, vampire, or some kind of creature attack (something similar to the four horsemen as that was cool); or if the new probation worker turns out to be satan! ANYTHING!!!! I don't care, just get the powers back, get the awesome storyline back, and get the old style of misfits back.

Misfits has become a bore. ASBO youth with powers becoming a bore, how on earth did Overman pull that off?

Maybe by not using their powers? Every power used to be connected to their personalities and used as comedic relief (Kelly and the dog who called her bitch, the chav opinions...), Curtis who had to face his fears and stop going back in time to alter events you can't really change sometimes, Kelly accepting that she does not need her looks to be liked and loved but is an awesome girl in general. It worked! Now characters don't even have powers and the one that do, don't use them or are crap at them! Finn gets a background so extensive that I wondered: why haven't they done that in other series for far more interesting characters? Why is Overman trying to make that ugly git happen?

Or using the same storylines over and over again: swapping pregnancies/bodies/powers, the endless sex jokes, the endless penis story arcs, the relying on Rudy to carry the whole group while not developing the group's dynamic? Alex is not even part of the group yet they make Jess, a cool character, invest in Alex instead of her background. Which made her very annoying in the last episode (the slutshaming of Abby for instance).

You can have a good series without the original cast but if they don't bother with keeping the formula (very basic and it worked for 3 series!) or developing the characters then don't be suprised the ratings are dropping like a hot potatoe!

I used to feel a connection with each character, even Alisha who got nothing to do in series 3 besides having a hot sex scene (the best in tv history?) and being a love interest, kept me captivated. Now? I'm actually HOPING they kill off characters, namely: Finn and Alex. Gilgun is the glue that keeps this crap together but how much more depth can he give to Rudy? Why not invest in Jess? Make the girls more than romantic interests.

First, I have to comment that I probably disagree with all of Caroline's reviews. No big thing, Misfits probably attracts a fair amount of diversity in viewers tastes. Personally, I thought the Curtis episode was one of the best, and his interaction with the guinea pig perhaps one of the best moments in the whole season.

But as for this finale: It sucked.

Actually, the season sucked, and for me it was because the characters are simply unlikeable. I'll give a pass to Rudy. He seems to be all over the place from episode to episode, so he's just a wildcard. Finn is this whiny little man who likes the hot girl because she's hot. The hot girl like's the hot guy because he's hot. And the hot guy like's himself because he's hot. And now we're supposed to care about him in the hospital? And her relation to him? And the rest of them?


I was rather disappointed when he didn't die.

Actually, the only person I like is amnesia girl. She has a nice, flat deadpan of a personality. A welcome relief to all the narcissism of the rest of the cast.

This season of Misfits has been terrible, apart from the always excellent Joe Gilgun playing Rudy I would have stopped watching. I admit the White Rabbit episode was pretty good... but everything else has sucked. Finn and Jess are bland, Alex is a horrid character and the fact they teased he will return with a power had me groaning in despair. Abbey seems like she might have potential but I just don't care at this point, also Finn's sister introduced for one episode... never seen/talked about again. The Four Horsemen in this season finale was such a lazy attempt. BMX Hoodies really? REALLY?

Everyone in this show seems to know about the "Storm" and it's about time the show moved away from the Community Centre (the Nazi POW camp in Season 3 was laughable). It needs to explore this universe as society wakes up to the fact that half the city seems to have various degrees of super powers. Do a British ASBO version of the X-Men stories where the gang face racism, bigotry and prejudice, with a Governing body harassing the gang.

You could just watch it and make up your own mind.

True, the characters aren't likeable, but, the series sucked more for the boring storylines than the characters. I could have dealt with bland characters if they gave them interesting adventures.

I'm pretty sure that what nadine summoned were bonafide ninjas. If they didn't kill her I'm pretty sure ninja summoning is one of the best powers I've seen.

I quite liked this season, especially Finn. I can see people disliking him, but this episode and the previous showed him breaking out of his "shell," if you will. I think with his powers manifesting to full blown telekinesis, and his getting over of Jess not being into him, he'll be plenty interesting. I think Jess will evolve too, did anyone see the irony in that she can see through walls, but was unable to see through Alex? Brilliant. Count me in for next season, and any that follow.

This episode was soo boring... I despise this misfits. Why did they insisted on making a 4 season?
They could have just put the“power thing“away and named it another thing because this is not the same show at all
I actually put this 8 episode on "mute" during some mjnutes, just reading the subtitles because the dialogues were so bad and false that it bothered me.
So the nun dies, and what? Did the writers expect the audience feel bad for her? We have only saw her a pair of moments with a very bad story and worse dialogues, nobody really cares about her

Wildly different opinions then ... which I guess is why shows like this DO work. For me, Season 1 & 2 were great, but Season 3 was utterly dull rubbish from start to finish with the show taking itself way too seriously and getting hopelessly lost along the way... Season 4 has been a much more welcome return to it's wild and wacky former glory.

The episode wasn't disappointing, because I came in knowing it'd be bad. I only bothered watching it today, the 3rd of January. Honestly I'd forgotten about it.

It's been an extremely disappointing season. The new characters are bland, boring, and uninvestable. Rudy is just a worse version of Nathan and the rest are as weak or weaker than Curtis and Alisha were. The writing is extremely weak. It used to be so clever, so fast-paced, so edge-of-your seat. Now it feels like less happened in a whole series than what happened in 15 minutes. If we do get a decent episode, like the killer bunny one, it feels like what would have been a 15-minute advert break cliffhanger in season 1,2 or 3 is now the 45-minute one. The story is going absolutely nowhere, and if it did I probably wouldn't care anyway. The episodes are simply dull. Completely dull. Nothing like they used to be. I am completely apathetic to the existence of season 5.

In a way, I feel bad for Overman. I can't help but feel that he had this grand plan for Misfits, then the rug was pulled out from under him, first when Robert left, then when everyone else good did; I find it hard to believe that he planned to kill of Simon that early on into the series. It's sad to think what we could have been treated to if the cast had shown more commitment to Misfits (although it's their decision, of course).

Misfits should have ended after season 3. Season 4 has been weak, and I highly doubt season 5 will be any better. Overman should give this up and move on. Maybe then he could create another fantastic series, and put the actors on longer contracts to complete his vision!

Unquestionably the worst series yet. Series 1-3 had something great about all of them and each one actually had a series finale with a cliff hanger you actually cared about...Nathan being buried alive, Seth providing new powers and even series 3's ending of wondering where the show would go without Simon and Alisha. However, as it turns out, the show would only go down, and fast. This series was the first time I actually started to like Curtis (mostly because of hating Finn in comparison) and as soon as he starts to become tolerable, he's killed off! Seriously? They couldn't just write him off? And really? Kelly is in Africa? Bullshit! And what happened to Seth? He would have been infinitely better than Alex in every way imaginable.

The new probation worker had his moments, but wasn't nearly as cool as the last guy. Abbey was slightly intriguing, but they should have played to her mystery more. I'm FAR more interested in her story than what happens to Alex. I feel like the Horseman storyline was a complete waste. Not only was it campy and poorly executed, if it had been taken seriously, the Apocalypse could have actually been an (albeit farfetched, but much needed) explanation for the storm. I actually thought that the nun was somehow going to be the mother of the Anti-Christ, which Rudy would father and that would have been a far greater cliffhanger for the next series.

Though people have been hoping and begging for Robert to come back since he left, I hope now more than ever that some of the old cast returns to try and salvage some of this sinking ship, though at this point it'd be hard to blame them for keeping there distance. If they haven't come back by now, there's absolutely no reason they would want to be associated with the husk of greatness this show once was. It will take a LOT to get the show anywhere near back to what it used to be. Like most of you, I'll be tuning into series 5, if only because it will air. But I can't say that I'm holding my breath.

For fooks sake, explain the storm already and it's impact on the greater community! Fire everyone except Gilgun and bring back the originals! Pay them whatever they want because at this rate, series 5 will be absolute rubbish!

This really captures how I feel about the series. The writing is getting stale precisely because it is time to move on and explore the further implication of the world they have created instead of the formulaic, self-referential stuff we are getting. Agree fully about the characters and your thoughts on the finale. I will be peeping the new series but don't know if I will stick with it til the end if it shows no early signs of improving.

Hahaha YES! I am hoping for an early funeral for both :P

Misfits annoys me for the simple fact they take a year to make 1 season and it's only 8 episodes long... but it's always been worth the wait as it's out there funny! This season has been one longgg disappointment no way near as funny and a lot of it seemed to be going nowhere e.g. the probation worker! I'm glad there isn't much of a wait until the next season and hopefully it washes away the utter stench of failure! Rudy and Abbey are the only likeable characters, Finn and Jess are strange bad actors..

bring the old characters back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the first two seasons will ALWAYS be the best ones.

Enjoyed all episodes .. Gutted the original characters all left and thought I would not warm to new ones .. But I did .. Rudy is the best but still can't beat the origianl cast .. But would defo watch a new series

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