Misfits series 4 air date confirmed

News Louisa Mellor 18 Oct 2012 - 10:33

Series four of E4's Misfits, featuring three new regular characters, starts at the end of this month...

The official E4 Misfits Twitter account sent out the following missive this morning, containing some news many of us have been waiting to hear: 

"Oi, wanna hear something good?  Series 4 starts on Sunday 28th October at 10pm"

Series four is the first not to feature Lauren Socha, Antonia Thomas or Iwan Rheon, but will be welcoming back Joseph Gilgun (Rudy) Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (Curtis), and Matthew McNulty (Seth), alongside newcomers Karla Crome (Jess), Nathan McMullen (Finn), and Matt Stokoe (Alex).

Look out for our spoiler-free review of episode one in the next couple of weeks...

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About time! :)
Although ... I'm a little nervous about the new characters ... they have a huge gap to fill.

I was worried when Nathan left... but Rudy was twice as interesting. Literally. I'm quietly confident this will be the same... although out of all the characters (or actors) to stay in the program... curtis? the guy who can't act? urgh lol... oh well... Excellent program! So pleased its back!!

What a nice birthday present!

The teasers already have me salivating and wondering where this season will go.

With the US Misfits on the horizon too there is scope for expanding the storyline further than the community centre before it gets too stale.

Misfits season 1: Great storyline, character development, amazing actors

Misfits season 2: Kind of dulled down, a little ridiculous. Overall though, still good.

Misfits season 3: Completely ridiculous: nazis, cheer leading zombies. No story-line what so ever. No character growth. Nathan is replaced with an unlink able dick, Nathan was a dick but at least he had personality and a softer side. Rudy is just comic relief. Oh and let's not forget the other two leaving, it's like they're destroying the group. Sorry but this killed a decent series for me. Take series 4 and burn it please.

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