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25 Jul 2012 - 19:12

Misfits showrunner Howard Overman and producer Matt Strevens have chatted to fans about the new series, new characters, and the zombie cat’s E4 spin-off series…

If you were having your tea and missed it, we’ve pulled out the choice morsels of today’s E4 web-chat from Misfits creator Howard Overman and producer Matt Strevens. Oh, and there are some brand new behind-the-scenes pics featuring new characters Jess and Finn at the end of it all as an added bonus. Photo pudding, if you will.

We'd advise you to exercise some caution though, as not all the responses seem 100% serious…

On what we can expect to see in series 4:

Howard Overman: You can expect killer rabbits and the four horsemen of the apocalypse and a puppy meets a very tragic demise. In someways this series is a lot like pet rescue, only with super powers and swearing.

Matt Strevens: Ok I can do you telekinesis, x-ray vision, a very bad memory, and the power to be pussy whipped.

On whether Simon and Alisha will return:

HO: Not in this series, but who knows what might happen in the future. There is a plan...which is unusual for me.

MS: And who knows one day they might return to Vegas.

On the new characters replacing Kelly, Simon, and Alisha…

HO: Three characters will be suiting up. And some characters will be hanging up their jumpsuits permanently […] Nobody likes it when their favourite characters leave a show, but Eastenders survived without Rolly the poodle, and so will we. […]The new probation worker is a scary bastard.

MS: So we have Jess [Karla Crome] and Finn [Nathan McMullen] on community service and we meet them in episode 1. Then we have Alex [Matt Stoke], who is not in orange but is key to the series story arc and finally Abby [Natasha O'Keefe] who the gang meet at a party later in the series but you will have to see if she joins the main gang or not. […] We do have a fab new probation worker called Greg who has anger management issues. He’s played by the wonderful Shaun Dooley.

[…] As when Rudy replaced Nathan we're not trying to replace like with like. The new gang are very different and the dynamic feels totally new - but still Misfits […] I think this season may be the funniest yet and the chemistry between the new gang is fantastic. There is also the beginnings of a great double act bromance between Rudy and new guy Finn.

Is Seth the power dealer (Matthew McNulty) still in it?

HO: Yes, and he's more handsome and northern than ever. And he does a little light torture in episode 1.

Are the families of the characters going to have more involvement?

HO: Yes, they are. We've got sisters, step moms, dads who aren't dads and dads who are dads.

On how much the new series will reference previous story arcs: 

HO: We try not to reference the past too much unless we need to dig ourselves out of a plot hole. We try to be forward looking so we don't alienate people who haven't seen every episode.

On potential romance for Rudy:

MS: There is lots. Some meaningless twisted sex and maybe even real lurve. We also learn just how many people he's slept with - via another very odd power.

…and for Curtis:

HO: Yes, but she may not be the one...Poor old Curtis.

On whether there’ll be any more online mini-episodes:

MS: Yes there will but the puppets have taken over and one is called Anal Mary to which there is an accompanying song.

And finally, on the fate of the zombie cat from season 3 episode 7:

HO: He was fed, stroked and given a saucer of milk before being clubbed to death with a baseball bat.

MS: He's got his own spin-off on E4.

Read the full transcript over at E4, here, and see some new behind-the-scenes photos from series 4 below.

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