Misfits US remake in the works

News Simon Brew 20 Oct 2011 - 09:02

The mighty Misfits is heading to America, as the team behind Gossip Girl and Chuck begin work on a US remake...

For the past couple of years, Misfits has clearly demonstrated that you don’t need a massive budget to make a compelling genre television show. Much of this is down to the genius of show creator Howard Overman and his team, and the third season of Misfits looks set to keep the standard high.

All of which makes the news that a US remake of the series in the works unsurprisingly. In fact, the only puzzle is why it took so long.
The Hollywood Report is saying that Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, the team behind Gossip Girl and Chuck, have picked up the rights. And while there’s no network involved at this stage, work is underway on putting a remake together.

We’ll bring you more news on this as we get it. In the meantime, our spoiler-free review of Misfits series three episode one can be found right here...

The Hollywood Reporter

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I think we should just wait and see, if it's a bomb at least the British version is still going good. never judge a book or telly show by the cover

Misfits is a British pisstake on the American superhero genre so remaking it is just taking the piss out of yourselves

A genre is a universal tool. Anyone is free to use it and innovate it at will. The final work of art however (a tv programme), becomes concrete to the country that created it, and innovation just becomes inferior dabble in which a country hopes to claim the higher recognition.

America is so obsessed with standing atop the rest of the world in every major category, believing that there is a primary country in the world, and that they are 'it'. Don't get me wrong, America makes really good programmes and films, they just fail phenomenally at remakes. Completely. ('Skins' , 'Life on Mars', 'Fawlty Towers' etc). Though i'll give them 'The Office', it has to be one of my fav programmes on TV, however that's only because they missed the point of realism, trying to play off that office's circle around a humourous atmosphere.

I'm awaiting the moment they fail at 'The Inbetweeners' and 'Misfits', I bet my life that they will not last a series. Do these American producers ever learn? They failed at 'Skins' because of the alarming teenage qualities reflected on the original characters, and yet they blindly keep remaking.

I'll be awaiting with a bag of popcorn to watch the bombs drop is all I can say. "Go on America! Ignore all statistics that foresee failure, and throw away millions of dollars that could easily help third world countries, it's not like they don't need it". That's sarcasm by the way, yeah we know you are oblivious to it, you prefer throwing pies and shouting insults. Hey, whatever works for you.

I expect plenty of negative comments from Americans, and I welcome your arguments.

All I have to say is that, the reason why America remakes British shows
is because we dont get ANY of your programs over here. If you have a
show that is a hit over there, we dont even know about its existence
until America re-makes it. I found The MisFits online, and I love it.
But there isn't a single television station here (in the U.S.) that airs
it. I dont blame you for feeling defensive about it though.

American Broadcast rules are a lot more strict here, than they are over
in the U.K. by the way. That's why most of the shows we re-make from you all "fail", because we aren't allowed to show most of the stuff on
television or say most of the things on television that you all are able
to do. Skins for example, "failed" because American mothers petitioned
it and had it thrown out before it was even given a chance. They didn't
appreciate the "garbage" content as they called it. The show was being
broadcast on MTV, which is geared to an audience of teenagers, and a lot of American mothers had a problem with there teenage children viewing drug abuse and sex on television. These aren't my views by the way so dont take offense to me, I am just telling you how it is over here. We do have some trash TV that pushes the limits, but we are only aloud to take it so far before it is yanked from the air.

As an American myself, it is unfortunate to admit this but we are very
sheltered over here as far as certain things are concerned. Only the
utmost educated Americans have a clue about what goes on outside of our country, because they have the means to even do so. But that is another story. As far as television content is concerned, I myself have been sheltered from certain things, due to the control in the media. For
example, any kind of nudity is not aloud on cable television. If an American was to turn on their TV and see boobs, it would be taboo to us! Although I have to say, as I am a mother myself of two young children I'm not sure I would appreciate my children being exposed to those things either. But, I am sure it is because I am an American and I was brought up that way.

As far as your comment about "America! Ignore all statistics that
foresee failure, and throw away millions of dollars that could easily help third world countries, it's not like they don't need it." I agree with you! Although, I think we should take that money and feed our own starving homeless children! Our country is falling apart right now and we need to invest our money into our own backyard and save OUR hungry, sick and dieing citizens! That is off subject though.

I hope you dont think that this was a negative comment from an American, as you "welcomed". I meant no offense if you might have taken it that way.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NO NO!!!! They will destroy it just like they did with skins!

This is disappointing. I'm American, I love Misfits, and I don't want to see it remade... Would it be so hard just to air the British program instead?

If it is true what you are saying, how is it even possible that True Blood is an American series? Isn't the remake done because Americans have trouble understanding British?

What's left, Doctor Who US and Hustle US?

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