Minority Report TV series is being developed

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22 Aug 2014 - 07:46

Godzilla scribe Mac Borenstein is writing TV version of Minority Report for Amblin Television...

Barely a week goes by at Den Of Geek Towers where we aren’t reporting on another new film adaptation coming to the small screen. It has also become customary to link to this article on Fargo in such circumstances, to remind us all how well such projects can work.

The latest to be jumping on the bandwagon is Amblin Television, Steven Spielberg’s production company, who are now redeveloping Tom Cruise vehicle Minority Report for television.

They’ve got MTV’s Scream, HBO’s Westworld, NBC’s The Devil’s Advocate and the next series of Fargo to compete with in the race to find the next big cinema-to-telly ratings hit.

Working on the project will be Max Borenstein, best known for scripting Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla - an interesting choice, with good form in mixing homage with new ideas. Darryl Frank and Justin Falvey are on producing duties for the show, which is being developed by 20th Century Fox TV and Paramount TV, alongside Amblin.

As if you need reminding, Minority Report is a Phillip K Dick adaptation (originally pitched for screen as a Total Recall sequel) which tells the tale of future policing in a world where ‘precogs’ can determine the criminals before their crimes have even be committed. It’s arguably one of the very best Tom Cruise movies, benefiting from top notch action blended with hefty themes.

It’s been pointed out that Person Of Interest, produced by CBS, is currently playing with similar narrative DNA on TV.

There’s no word on casting yet, or whether Spielberg himself will be involved (although executive producer sounds like a likely role). We’ll be sure to pass further details on when we get them.


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