Milo Ventimiglia rules out Heroes Reborn return

News Louisa Mellor 24 Jun 2014 - 08:02

Heroes' Peter Petrelli, aka Milo Ventimiglia, has told his Twitter followers that he won't return for Heroes Reborn...

"Sadly no" was the answer Heroes' Milo Ventimiglia gave when a fan asked the actor on Twitter if he would be appearing in NBC revival, Heroes Reborn. Ventimiglio continued, "But I wish @JackColeman4RLZ and crew the best. I'll be watching."

The actor is currently down to play the lead in forthcoming sci-fi series, The Whispers, previously known as The Visitors.

That makes Ventimiglia the second major Heroes star to rule out appearing in the revived show. Back in April, Hayden Panettiere told Cosmopolitan that she hadn't been asked back for the new series, though she wished them success. With hit musical drama Nashville returning for a third season, Panettiere's schedule likely rules out her involvement.

The aforementioned Jack Coleman, the actor behind Panettiere's character's adoptive father Noah Bennet (aka HRG), is so far Heroes Reborn's only confirmed original series returnee.

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In fairness, HRG was by far the most intriguing character from the original series and using him as a relatable Everyman to play against a new range of freakshow super powered weirdos wouldn't be a bad move.

Good. They'd messed Peters' character up so much with his power/no power/max power/"More, more power" shenanigans that I really was tired of him by the end.

Yup. Agree. They'd pretty much ruined the character. HRG was fun to watch though. We're enjoying rerunning the first season on Netflix at the moment. I do hope that the revived series reverts to the 'comic book' filming style of the original first season - it made it neat to watch, but sadly it got lost as the series turned into a soap opera.

I'm hoping that none of the superpowered characters return unless it's in flashbacks with the possible exceptions of Angela, The Haitian or Claude.

This whole show seem unnecessary but as a fan of Heroes's first season (and i even have a bit of fondness for it's second) I hope that it's return will at least somewhat redeem it.

They should at least incorporate the tv interview Claire Bennett did or mention it seeing as that was when the world learned people with powers existed.

he was my fave character. we never did get to see him return to his old glory, ability-wise...

Me and my friend joked about how Peter left that Irish girl in some horrible dystopian future. He came back and didnt give her a moments thought.


I liked it when Chris Eccleston used to hit him with sticks

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