Synopsis released for two-part Merlin finale

News Louisa Mellor 28 Nov 2012 - 09:34

Merlin is to face his moment of destiny in the last ever episode of the BBC fantasy show, due to air on the 29th of December...

Merlin's final outing on the BBC is set to straddle the Christmas period, with the first of its two-part finale broadcast on Saturday the 22nd of December, and the second the following weekend on Saturday the 29th. Though the episode titles have yet to be confirmed, the BBC has issued a couple of synopses hinting at what to expect from the end of the Arthurian family fantasy.

Episode 5.12 High in the mountains, a great horde gathers; Morgana prepares for war with a vengeful Mordred at her side. Merlin feels the weight of his destiny like never before as the ancient prophecies play out with terrifying accuracy. But before he can save his beloved Camelot, he must save himself. For it is not just the kingdom Morgana wishes to destroy – it is also Emrys.

Episode 5.13 And so it seems the Prophets did not lie. As the great battle rages on Camlann's mighty plain, Merlin faces his moment of destiny. Can he find the strength to save the man he made a King; the Camelot they fought to build; and the brotherhood they shared?


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I hope they do the finale justice. These two episodes will, for many people, be the defining moment of the show. Fingers crossed the writers will produce an ending that most people like (cause some will complain no matter what).

Yes - there seem to be many who wanted Merlin to have revealed his magic by now but I like the idea of a Smallville style reveal where it all happens in the finale. This should, hopefully, not be the end of the story but the end of Merlin's life as a servant and the beginning of his life, as any good legend fan knows, as Arthur's friend, advisor and mage.

Yeah, I agree. Smallville was great, loved it, but I did feel that after 10 seasons it felt a little stretched that the reveal had to wait so long. Merlin may only be 5 - although, if you add up all the times between series, then about 8 years passes from Season 1 - end of season 5, so it could be said that Arthur is almost Lois Lane in terms of how long it takes him to find out :L

Going by its own mythology (not the Merlin has ever really had that problem before) the answer to Can Merlin save Arthur and Camelot? should be a big fat No. Now that'd be a finale I'd watch with a bucket of popcorn.

I've watched Merlin since the very first episode, loved them all, even the bad, silly episodes and there've been a few..I do hope they ended it on a high note and no matter what end they have in store for us fans, I'm sure it will be great, as the acting calibre of Merlin never let us down..we will miss Merlin during the winter months.

I honestly hope that's what happens!!!! It would actually be a ballsy finale!!!

Everyone is talking about Arthur's death, but I am surprised that no one has brought up MERLIN's death. Going by the legend, he is supposed to be trapped under a rock/inside a tree/somewhere forever. I wonder if all of the hints at Arthur's death are a red herring, and if it is actually Merlin who will die?

Merlin will die to save Arthur. The series has been building up to it. Merlin will save Arthur using Magic causing Arthur to believe magic is for the best.

They have to base it on the legend so Merlin has to die saving Arthur. Morgana needs to change her mind and will likely die protecting Arthur or better yet Gwen - given that she has always hated Gwen for being Queen it would make sense if she dies to save Gwen.

Merlin needs to die saving Arthur first with magic and then with just himself without magic. He needs to prove that magic is not all that defines him, he needs to show Arthur that magic is a force for good and he needs to die with Arthur promising him that he will never let the persecution of magic happen again and will honor him.

I know I speak for untold many who are gutted that Merlin is coming to an end!! To wait through so many episodes for the reveal only to find that the long-awaited event will be squeezed into two small episodes!! What happened to the legend of Arthur's many adventures with his right hand revered wizard Merlin!!? To end it when we are coming to the best bit is sacrilegious to say the least and why should there be an ending where Merlin dies, according to some! I cannot adequately express my disappointment !!! Give us at least one more season where Merlin is respected for the hero he is!!

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