Merlin series 5 trailer

News Louisa Mellor 30 Jul 2012 - 07:54

A sneaky look at the BBC trailer for series 5 of Merlin has appeared online, watch it while you can…

A new era. An ancient legend. A Muse song. The first trailer has arrived for series 5 of Merlin, and (for the time being at least), and you can see it below.

The 13-episode run of Merlin is expected to return to BBC One on Saturday the 29th of September, after the first instalments of this year’s new Doctor Who (the trailer for which is due out this Thursday).


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Loving Gaius' snazzy new hair extensions...


How come merlin gets consistent thirteen episode runs every autumn, but doctor who is constantly screwed around?

Doctor Who has only really been moved once (for Series Seven) to move it away from the Olympics, build up to the 50th anniversary more and introduce the new companion in a more appropriate way.

Yes, Series Six was split in half, but that was to give the series a bigger punch than the previous series' of New Who and it didn't really affect the scheduling of the show, because it still began at the same time. Of course it's your opinion whether or not splitting it in half worked.

Even as a big fan myself it is a pain we're having to wait so long for Series Seven, but I have a feeling to rewards will be all the better for it, because if we just had a regular run-of-the-mill series each year it would be very dull.

Merlin doesn't need all this moving around because it doesn't have the same things to build towards. The feeling I do get though is the BBC are wanting to move Who to the autumn and thus possibly move Merlin to the Spring/Summer, because both shows would probably benefit more from those time slots.

As much as it is promo talk and Steven Moffat didn't anticipate the split, the showrunner has said that the unpredictability of Series Seven's airing schedule allows Doctor Who to feel like more of an event, just as Sherlock is starting to become with its irregular seasons. I certainly haven't ever been as excited for a series of Who as I am for this one, quite likely because the wait hasn't always felt this long.

Positioning the show in such a way that the Olympics don't hamper it is a smart move anyway, and Merlin has yet to really attain the 'event status' Who has, so it's thirteen-episode runs are more consistent, something that clearly isn't changing for what appears to be the final season.

I'm really looking forward to both shows' returns, especially as they'll essentially cover Saturday nights from the end of August until Christmas time just like what happened with Who Series Six/Merlin Series Four in 2011!

FYI American readers... season 5 will be on the SyFy Jan '13.

Ah, so looking forward to this!! Trailer looking brilliant, cannot wait!

This year's transmission dates for Doctor Who had nothing to do with the Olympics. Had DW been given a straight 13-week run beginning at Easter, as used to be the case, it would have finished on 30th June - well before the Olympics started.

I'd like to think it was all a grand plan started by the BBC last year to ensure that the 50th-anniversary celebrations culminate with a special episode going out on Saturday 23rd November 2013.

I was at the Official Convention earlier this year and there was talk from one of the producers (I can't remember who) that it was one of the reasons for why it was moved. Yes, it would have finished before the Olympics began, but there's also the Jubilee and all the build-up to the Olympics to take into consideration. DW would have got lost in the mist of all that and nobody would have cared about it apart from the fans.

I'm not suggesting it was the main reason it was moved, far from it, just that it was one of them and that it helped build up o the 50th anniversary at a more appropriate time.

Awful trailer (the cuts are way too quick), horrid music (bad Queen 70s knockoff)
Yet still, really looking forward to the new season!

i cant wait till it comes out
i am a big fan of merlin. yh boy

that's why you either have BBC Am. or the Internet

uh duh, BBCA doesn't have the American rights, Syfy does.
and yes the internet to see it as it airs in the UK :)

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