Clark Gregg on Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 2

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Prepare for SHIELD to go back to basics in season 2, says the man behind Agent Coulson...

The season one Agents Of SHIELD finale left its characters in an excitingly tricky spot. The audience who'd remained loyal through the season's early bumpy patch and made it to the end were rewarded by exactly the kind of spy show everyone had hoped Agents Of SHIELD would be.

They were also left asking questions of the how, what, and who variety. With spoilers for the end of season one then, here's actor Clark Gregg attempting to answer a few of those:

On what SHIELD is going to look like in season two

"It’s going to be lo-fi. You’re going back to basics. You’ve got to rebuild SHIELD from the ground up in a much more dangerous world where your group is outlawed. So it feels like the early, Sean Connery James Bond with the brass knuckles and not afraid to knock somebody off.”

On where season one went wrong

“I thought there were so many things stacked against us last year and one of them was where the ABC television schedule would put us on for three episodes and then take us down for four weeks. Nobody could get a momentum going and when the show started to be on consistently and having story that carried over in an episodic way, that’s when things started to click."

On how season two will differ

"A, we’re moving to 9pm, where it can be a little darker, like I think Marvel needs to be. Then they’re going to show, I believe it’s ten [Agents Of SHIELD episodes], eight of [Agent Carter], then twelve [more Agents of SHIELD]… For the most part, this is straight runs of our show, which is when I think it really works."

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I think what really went wrong in season 1 was the first half of the season being overstuffed with pointless standalone episodes that didn't go anywhere. However, what he's said sounds promising, and the show most definitely did improve, so I shall be watching in September.

You're right on target with what's wrong with season 1. BUT what he's saying is that this is also where they want to head to with season 2 - so that rings some alarm bells with me...

Seems to be the classic problem with genre TV. 'Monster of the Week' for S1, and only then start building long-term stories in S2+. But Agents did quickly course-correct to give us the fantastic second half, and it's working brilliantly (imo) as a springboard for lower-key Marvel characters. I'm expecting Solid Gold from Agents' S2.

Season 1 really was waiting for the Guest House episode and Winter Soldier movie to happen, after that it was awesomeness! The finale was really nice and I really dig Phil Coulson, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Season 2 doesn't have a Marvel movie halfway in the season, so the season can be one heck of a prelude to Avengers: Age of Ultron. Also, will Guardians of the Galaxy connect in some way to the series and when will Coulson be revealed to be alive to the Avengers? He is director of S.H.I.E.L.D. now. In that respect, could he be paying Daredevil and the other Defenders a visit when those shows start? Gregg wants it, so...

Well, you can't have a 22 episode season without a filler episode once in a while.
I think they are going with something like where Torchwood started after the end of Doctor Who series 2, but with the difference that they really want to rebuild the organisation. That's something that bugged me with Torchwood and resulted in what is now only two surviving Torchwood personel.

While that is true, I would appreciate if they didn't intentionally aim for filler episodes. :P Game of Thrones doesn't need filler episodes.

Ah, but Game of Thrones has only 10 episodes and a bookseries to hang on to. SHIELD has the comics of course, but they use them as inspiration.

I'd think you could wrangle far more stories from a 30 years comics print run than a book cycle - or at least as many.

Season 1 went into a mid season lull and only really picked up with the Hydra reveal

Kat Dennings should join them. And I would like to see a hero, like Moon Knight. Yeaaaah.....Moon Knight........

But Game of Thrones has way more obsessed fans and you don't need to have read the books to enjoy the show. AOS has to appeal to the hardcore comic fans, but it's true focus has to be everybody else. So they can't pull too much stuff from obscure comics. The have to use "known" entities (which are usually reserved for the movies) - that's their main issue. Hopefully they get some freedom to use more well known characters that aren't pigeonholed as strictly movie characters.

And improve on them a little bit. I wasn't a big fan of Season 1's Deathlok. The one CGI shot with his "real" face just wasn't enough for me.

Dennings' show recently got renewed so it looks unlikely to happen any time soon unless it's as a guest star, but if her show ever got cancelled it would be cool to have her in a supporting role as the character from Thor.

I agree. Deathlok looked a tad cheesey.I had high hopes for the guy who fell into the Gravitonium, hoping he would become Graviton. Could be a cool villian.

Yeah it would be cool, but I didn't her show got renewed. At least a guest appearance though, that would suffice.

I'm guessing he will in S2. First thing he'll do is kill Quinn. Would that make Graviton a hero?

Yes. and Quinn being killed by his own passion product would be extra sweet.

Poetic justice. He could make him his rich servant like Garrett did, but I hope not. Once is enough.

Make Quinn his Gravibitch?

Make him watch Gravity (Quinn was not a fan)

The blue alien must be connected to GotG at least a little bit..

This sounds great; "I believe it’s ten [Agents Of SHIELD episodes], eight of [Agent Carter], then twelve [more Agents of SHIELD]…"

Well, Coby Smulders/Maria Hill is free! How I Met Your Mother ended, so... Plus, she's working for Stark these days, Marvel wouldn't do that if they didn't have a plan.

It will only work better when they bring in the superheroes, it's shield not a kids show like season 1. Lame stories, nothing happening. I wanna see Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Thor etc. It's avengers universe, come on. No more of this. The only good episodes were with Sif and the last one with Fury, but that was not making up for all the other stories of season 1.

What about ward it will never be the same

I love this idea. Minor story arc in season 2 Part I that leads to a major revelation/cliffhanger.
Peggy Carter to vaguely tie-in/open up the universe while we wait for...
Kick-ass Season 1 Part 2 with cliffhanger resolved in a satisfying manner that leads to a bigger arc to take us to the season finale and then over to next year.
As an aside, recently been devouring Fringe on Netflix. Excellent show, but it struck me that THIS is the model SHIELD should have had: Caulson's small, quirky team investigating Marvel-related phenomena with major over-arching storylines for each character while the Big Stuff builds up in the background...
Still, at least Cap 2 shook it up for the better, and I'm actually looking forward to next year. So long as they can keep the tone of Cap 1 (with the old skool approach) mixed neatly with 2 (70's style espionage-thriller), we could be onto a winner.
Then slowly amp up the strangeness and have them investigating the darker side of the Marvel Universe. Such as Dr. Strange, perhaps?
It could be a good way to introduce audiences beforehand to their riskier cinematic leaps...

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