Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. renewed for season 2

News Louisa Mellor 9 May 2014 - 19:05

There will be a second season of Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., ABC confirms...

Now that Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. has finally hit its stride, this is the news viewers have been waiting for: season two is definitely happening. ABC announced the renewal along with the exciting announcement that their Agent Carter series has also officially been ordered.

The show's journey hasn't been without its bumps, memorably last autumn when its impressive pilot audience numbers started to drop off as fans found themselves watching an uneven, disjointed and often clichéd action series instead of the smart spy show they'd been expecting. All that changed a little while back, and few could disagree that S.H.I.E.L.D.'s post-Captain America 2 episodes have been something really quite special.

S.H.I.E.L.D.'s season one finale, The Beginning Of The End, airs next week on ABC in the US.

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I am taken aback by the surpise of this news. Help me. I have fainted.

As excited as I am about Agents of SHIELD renewing, how much cooler is the Peggy Carter news? A period war-spy drama set in the Marvel Universe with Hayley Atwell as the lead? GREAT.

I didn't watch any Shield after Christmas, but caught up this Bank Holiday weekend. I enjoyed it before, but the upturn in quality is surprising!

Cool... any more Nashville cast members joining

Despite strong claims this was the plan all along it is clear the producers have significantly improved the show since the awful early episodes.

Still not as good as Almost Human and that got cancelled, but since when was there any justice in network television?

The writers were obviously trying to fill a gap with the earlier episodes until CA2 came out. This must have been their plan all along. I'm hoping that season 2 carries on in the same vein as the last half of season 1.

Having said that, I watch the show with my two boys (9 & 11 - strange names, I know) and they've loved it all the way through, so I think the reviews have been a bit harsh. Fair enough, it wasn't firing on all cylinders at the start, but I think we need to give the writers the benefit of the doubt, as they obviously had a long term plan.

the best news I have heard today. coupled with the Peggy Carter news... :) I might just sit back and drink coffee for the rest of the day... my work here is done!

With this and the news about Peggy Carter - it's a good day to be a Marvel fan! Genuinely happy for the show though and the actors have such a passion for the show, pimping it all the time on Twitter. It was hard to get through the earlier eps but the latter half of the season has been fun and the dynamic has improved so much

Great news about SHIELD - fantastic news - but can someone explain all the excitement around Carter? I just don't see the appeal? No superpowers, set in the past, no technology..I don't get it?

I've seen the one shot and it was OK, but fairly unbelievable given her lack of super soldier serum, and I couldn't imagine a whole series based around that character.

What am I missing here?

So you binge watched it.

I should have done that.

Marvel. Good day.

Lotta show jumping lately. Everybody from the Wire is on TWD, and I'm sure there are more examples I don't know

Right..but this is about as Marvel as Howard The Duck. I've been reading Marvel for over 20 year and the popularity of this doesn't make sense.

half way through the first season i doubt anyone thought it would get renewed, but ever since the Winter Soldier the series has improved astronomically. Hopefully they can keep up the high quality into the second season

Yay, people don't have much patience. I like it well enough to start with but it's all kicking off now. Traitors, lies, whole comfortable world thrown upside down. People should be able to stick with a slow burn to get the pay off.

You're missing the fact that it will probably have Zodiac in it. Also it doesn't need superpowers, and once you watch the penultimate episode of AoS you will realise that they had cool tech back then.
This is why people were disappointed with AoS, they expected it to be villain/hero of the week, which wasn't the point of it.

Hopefully other people will follow your lead. I've personally enjoyed Shield but some of those early episodes were so hard to get through, but the post-cap episodes have been such a huge improvement. They're still flaws in the show but I've got a good feeling that the show can show its true colours in season 2.

What with catching up with Games of Thrones, Breaking Bad (just started first series) and AoS. I am struggling to fit it all in. Thank the new and the old gods for Tivo.

It's not unusual for a show to have a difficult first series and this one really did. i hope they go on to do brilliant things

I can't argue with that, and yet, I think if marvel tried HtD again... I'd watch it.

I guess some people are enjoy shows with a retro feel. Its an opportunity to make a a comicbook series, which will be set during a time when comics first became popular in the golden age. We can have stories set in Soviet Russia or East Germany. We will also get to see how Shield was formed.
There's a number of routes the writers could go down.

Somewhere, James Hunt is weeping at the thought of having to review another season of a show he detests so much.

You're not looking hard enough, she has not one but two superpowers. :P

*Random Firefly comment*

Great news. It's just a shame the show had such limp start. Hopefully next series will be on par, or even better with what we've seen post Cap 2.

With you on that, maybe a short series of like 5 episodes but not a full blown season, they could pull off a Marvel version of a female James Bond or something of the like but It wouldn't really hold my interest.

Almost Human was cancelled? I just recorded the first episode, not sure if I want to start watching it now!

You're a lucky man, loads of amazing TV in front of you!

The problem wasn't the first episodes of the series, the problem is the ADHD nation of Americans that can't sit through episodes meant to build the world in which the series will develop around. I enjoyed the series from the very first episode and I, unlike American fen, was happily willing to let Whedon and company flesh out the series. Only a moron thought that things wouldn't get better - and Whedon continues to show the naysayers just how stupid they were. I'm glad the network didn't look at the numbers from the early episodes and decide it wasn't worth continuing (the way they did with Firefly), and actually waited until the Americans with attention spans of gnats finally grasped what everyone else knew all along - the show is fantastic!

Twd ?

The walking dead

Yes, you can see them both at work in this shot:

I've run the whole series through with my kids the last fortnight and they've LOVED it. Personally I always liked it from the beginning but I'm not a Marvel Fanboy and didn't have inflated expectations.

What IS impressive is watching it through again there is a lot of groundwork building to the late season twist. Suddenly understanding the context of Gravitonium, Centipede and especially Garrett make it all much more interesting. I recommend a rewatch.

He didn't even bother reviewing last weeks, it was so bizarre. This week he just started it off saying he'd loved it (really, James, really?) and that was it. I thought with sites like this, someone would step in and actually make sure every episode actually gets reviewed?

I think it's appealing; but then again, I'm not everybody (obviously). Anyway, let's give the show a chance. Maybe Marvel will surprise us.

'Twas Fox that killed the beast. Not ABC. But I agree.

Yes, do it. You watched Firefly, too, didn't you?

Oh come on, give the guy some breathing room. You're really hard on his tail. I think he's started giving the epsiodes a fair look at.

It's more of a criticism of DoG than James. Surely if someone can't write a review of a what is a major crossover show for a site like this, another staff member does it for them?

Yes, criticise the totally free to look at website that almost always delivers high-quality journalism, please. It will amuse me.

Yes, I will. It's a site owned and run by Dennis Publishing, one of the most cut-throat publishers in the UK. They make money with every visit as they get paid for the ads that are only of value to them because we come here to read. This isn't some personal blog, it's a business, and given that two of their major foci are comics and TV shows, it's reasonable to ask why a week's review for one of the two shows that meet those criteria simply never shows up without any explanation.

I wouldn't know about ads as I use adblock (I'm sure that makes me some sort of internet villain, but it really is dead handy) but even so, I cannot overstate the 'free' part. And 95% of the time, it's a completely reliable source of info and material, not to mention humour, so I personally will happily overlook one missed review. Each to their own I guess :)

No, you're riding James. I saw that on your comments on the AOS episodes. I suggest you give him at least a small break.

Thanks White Knight. And if you read my posts properly you'd see I'm more than willing to give credit where credit is due. But as with many other commenters, and that's what these are, comments, intended for us to give our feedback on the reviews as well as the shows, I strongly disagreed with James' take on AoS. He's been overwhelmingly negative, nitpicking, and very slow to recognise the show's massive improvement. Now he 'loves' an episode (despite not actually giving us a review of it) I think it merits a little incredulity.

I have nothing against the guy, I like other reviews he's done and have said so. If only I got paid to watch TV and write about it perhaps I'd have more sympathy.

I Hope to be season 3

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