UPDATED: First look at Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

News Louisa Mellor 12 May 2013 - 21:28

Joss Whedon's Marvel TV series has officially been picked up for its first season. Here are 30 seconds of footage to celebrate...

We've not exactly been nervously biting our fingernails and pacing the floor about whether or not ABC would pick up Joss Whedon's Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. To the outside world at least, it seemed more or less a done deal from the initial announcement.

That confidence of course, doesn't make the news that we can officially expect a full season on ABC later this year any less welcome, so to toast the commission, here are seven seconds of pilot footage, a hashtag, a new logo, and the first cast picture...

UPDATE: Here's an extra twenty seven seconds of footage in the first teaser trailer:

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Do Marvel own the TV rights to Spidey / X-Men etc,
Just thinking, this could get interesting..

I seriously doubt it. Even if SONY and FOX didn't get the TV rights in their deals, I'm sure there's some sort of agreement or provisions that there not be a live action television adaptation made. It would run the risk of diluting the movies and by extension, the value of the film rights.

Why would they jumble three franchises into one?

In any event, they will more than have their hands full trying to properly launch this and juggle its continuity with that of the Avengers.

The trailer is incredibly super-awesome!

I think I saw a guy in it, and a girl, or a girl with a guy...

Okay, I saw a logo.

This is gonna be Epic, It's like Torchwood but in America.(I k ow miricle day was set in America) when I say Torchwood in America, I mean a secret Organisation solving extraterrestrial incidents in An American City

When does it start? I'm buying every season

Got 3 days of the condor on dvr, will be watching it soon. No rush, I got a few movies ahead of it that I need to watch before they delete automatically. There was a spoiler on DoG last week about Redford's character on The winter soldier, but I decided not to read it.

I'm being a little facetious about the show, of course, which I expect to be good.

The, uh, 7-second "trailer" is a bit too precious, though.

3 Days of the Condor has the classic '70s style. You'll see why Redford was such a huge movie star.

And Faye Dunaway, oh man.

A much longer (ok, a little bit longer) version of this has been doing the rounds on Facebook. I'm sure a Youtube search will find it quick smart

Clark Gregg already plays Agent Coulson in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon so in a way he's already in the Marvel universe - he wouldn't be a massive stretch, Nick Fury is also in this show.
Fair enough X-Men are probably best left out thou ;)


Coulson has been in just about every movie, as has Nick Fury.

Of course they are SHIELD.

Whos the bloke jumping from the building? My votes with Luke Cage!

"I won't make a sound."

"I know you won't."


I watched that movie at too young an age. It's given me a lifelong fear/fetish for silenced handguns.


Yeah I know and correct they are shield but this was in relation to jumbling franchises like you said, Spideys already in the jumble as Coulson's in his show, given the Marvel Animated Universe may have different rights to the Live Action thou

A lot of talk that the black guy in these is Luke Cage, which I'd love, but that shot of fire sort of congealing together at head height... Marvel HAVE reacquired Ghost Rider... It would be an odd one, but a fun one!

Seems like everyone's seen it. Well it sure sounds good, and adult. I wonder how close Cap 2 will delve into that world. After iron man 3, they can't really go backwards. These are the roller coasters, no more merry go rounds. Which is fine. What would Star Wars or even the lion king be like if they were watered down? Marvel's doing great, but will they be remembered when these movies are old? Will someone say "you should watch Captain America: the Winter Soldier. 'I won't make a sound', 'I will' ZZZT!SHIELDDECAPITATION!' And Haley Atwell, oh man"

They released a 38 second trailer last night on their Facebook page.

Live action rights of Spider-Man, X-Men and Fantastic Four still lie with Sony and Fox. With Sony seemingly the only one who wants to play ball with Marvel owener Disney. Animated rights however lie with Marvel. That's why we Marvel can make 'Ultimate Spider-Man' for instance and can Disney make that Japanese 'Heroes 6' animated movie with this summers 'The Wolverine's Silver Samurai.

Well, let's hope SHIELD will be a succes and Torchwood finally gets there Series 5 from Davies because of it. And with aliens!

I'd doubt that Marvel is going to use a Ghost Rider reboot just a year after the last movie. Also the whole supernatural side of the Marvel universe hasn't been put into the MCU yet.

Sorry, I'm not following that.

I know it is unlikely, and frankly unwanted and unasked for... It would be a turn up for the books, though!

I was under the impression that Torchwood wasn't moving because Davies partner was ill and he couldn't spend time in America to develop it at the moment, which is fair enough really.

This looks sort of cheesy....

Just caught the extra footage trailer, and it seems Agent Coleslaw done moved on up. Much better than the 7 seconds

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