UPDATED: Mad Men season seven start date

News Michael Noble
4 Feb 2014 - 11:11
Mad Men

Mad Men’s final season will start on Sunday the 13th of April on AMC and on Wednesday the 16th of April on Sky Atlantic...

UPDATE: Mad Men's seventh season has been confirmed to start in the UK on Wednesday the 16th of April on Sky Atlantic.

Partners are requested in the Conference Room immediately. AMC has announced that the seventh season of Mad Men will debut on Sunday the 13th of April. 

The days of the show may be numbered, but there’s still fourteen gloriously boozy episodes to go yet. Fans will recall the recent announcement that the final season will, like AMC stablemate Breaking Bad, be split over two years. Season seven part one will run this spring, while part two is planned to follow in 2015.

We await news of a UK air date, but if things follow the season six model over here then Sky subscribers will be able to see it just days after our US chums on Sky Atlantic. 


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