Mad Men's final season to be split in two

News Michael Noble 17 Sep 2013 - 20:59
Mad Men

Mad Men season seven is following in Breaking Bad's footsteps and being broadcast in two parts in 2014 and 2015...

Fans of Mad Men who were concerned that 2014 would see the end of the run for Sterling Cooper & Partners can rest a little easier today. Perhaps. 

According to TVLine, the seventh and final season will be split into two halves, the first, called The Beginning, will air in early 2014, while the second, called The End Of An Era will reach screens a year later. The season will comprise fourteen episodes in total, making it longer by one episode than each of the previous six. 

It’s a tactic that has worked wonders for AMC’s other terminal show, Breaking Bad, which has seen the second half of its final season reach new heights of success after anticipation was given time to grow.

It’s been a long, hard road for Don and co., so we’re sure that it won’t hurt too much to wait just one more year to find out how they all end up. However they do, we’ll be here documenting every exquisite moment.


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Terrible decision by AMC, Mad Men works as a 13 episode story, in most of the seasons the major themes are barely present after 7 episodes.
It looks like AMC are just desperate to hold on to their successful shows, in the last month they have confirmed a Breaking Bad spinoff, a Walking Dead spinoff and now this. Maybe they should come up with new shows that are actually good instead of compromising what they've already got?

Can't wait for the inevitable announcement from AMC of a Mad Men spin off featuring Harry Crane's adventures in California.

Agreed. Breaking Bad is more plot-driven and had the potential to develop a good story arc across the two halves well (though I still don't think it was necessary, the season could've had 3 episodes less and been just a single 13 episode run). It also has only 3 seasons to precede it at the 13-episode length.

Mad Men has had 6 13-episode seasons and it really irks me they've decided to mess with that format for the final season, just to try and get more money out of it. Just do a good, proper final season!

When I first heard about this idea a few months ago, I was irritated.

But then I decided I liked it. Because you know I love it when Doctor Who does it ...

Seriously, I do like it.

It won't be easy to let Mad Men go, especially as I'm sure it's about to get very good and consequential again. This will make it easier to savor.

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