Ridley Scott and Machinima developing sci-fi short films

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2 Sep 2013 - 06:50
Ridley Scott

Ridley Scott is to executive produce twelve short sci-fi films to be distributed on a platform launched by Machinima...

At the Edinburgh TV Festival, one of the hot topics (you are now imagining Alan Partridge saying 'hot topic') was on-demand TV services, and whether traditional live television was on its way out. Den of Geek attended a seminar with talks from representatives of YouTube, X-Box TV (who confirmed that the planned Blake's 7 reboot is nothing to do with them) and Machinima.

YouTube remains a platform for videos, with any revenue coming from its advertising. Xbox TV is a nascent prospect with only one show (Halo) confirmed. Machinima is an interesting prospect at the moment, evolving from its initial idea of providing a platform for animations based on game CG engines (such as Red vs Blue). It's made a conscious decision to step outside the world of games consoles, but still stay within similar genre territory using a different medium.

At the TV Festival, Machinima President Philip DeBevoise said that it would be teaming up with Ridley Scott to provide a platform for twelve science fiction short films, with Scott acting as an Executive Producer. The directors will come from Ridley Scott Associates (more commonly known as RSA), a roster that potentially includes Neil Blomkamp, Sam Mendes, Diane Martel, Joe Carnahan, and Josh Trank. More likely though is that these will give less well-known filmmakers a chance to develop their ideas into not only films, but film franchises.

This is not unprecedented, with Machinima's adaptation of Mortal Kombat proving popular enough for Warner Brothers to start developing a new movie. Should any of the twelve films prove popular with Machinima's audience (consisting, apparently, of mainly manly men aged between sixteen and thirty-four, described as "lost boys" looking for "charged content, adrenalin content") then studios might well take notice.

Welcome, then, to the kinda cynical but also pretty damn exciting world of tomorrow.

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