Louis CK's Louie to air in the UK

News Louisa Mellor
15 Nov 2012 - 12:33

Louis CK's superb comedy show is finally coming to digital UK television in January, courtesy of the newly rebranded FX channel...

Currently on a year-long hiatus in the US and due to return for his fourth season in 2014, Louis CK's fantastic autobiographical sitcom Louie is finally coming to the UK next January courtesy of FX (soon to be Fox).

Louie follows the often pitiful, sometimes disgusting, but always funny day-to-day life of Louis CK's hapless New York single father alter-ego (or perhaps just ego?). Interspersed with stand-up segments, Emmy Award-winning Louie has a touch of Seinfeld, a touch of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and a lot of honest-to-goodness laughs based on CK's cynical but admirably frank world view. 

If you need any more convincing, why not take a look at the (very) short promo below:

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