It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia renewed for seasons 11 and 12

News Louisa Mellor
7 Apr 2014 - 06:40

Hooray! The brilliant It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia isn't going anywhere for the foreseeable...

Often, when a sitcom receives a season renewal order in the double digits, there's not a great deal to celebrate. Its best runs are behind it, that will-they-won't-they relationship has been stretched out of all recognition, the once-cute kids have grown up and started to look weird, the wacky guest stars have begun queuing up... Fond of it as we may be, we all know deep down it's a dead horse being flogged.

Not so with It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, which, ironically, is the US sitcom most likely to feature the flogging of a horse, dead or otherwise. Its recent season nine and ten was every bit as funny and despicable as it's ever been - the Lethal Weapon episode a particular treat and the Awards episode a work of meta genius to rival Community's best.

So there's plenty to cheer about the news that It's Always Sunny is returning for seasons eleven and twelve, especially when its stars and creators, Charlie Day especially, are rightfully lapping up success in Hollywood. Hooray, dummies!

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