Trailer for paranormal drama, Intruders, feat. John Simm

Trailer Louisa Mellor 27 Jun 2014 - 07:04

BBC America's Intruders starring John Simm airs this summer. Take a look at its first trailer here...

BDWADUAA. Get used to it, because it's here to stay. From David Tennant in Gracepoint to Christopher Eccleston in The Leftovers, and now John Simm in Intruders, 2014 is the year of British Doctor Who actors doing unexpected American accents.

John Simm's particular American accent here is in aid of Intruders, the paranormal thriller coming to BBC America adapted from Michael Marshall's unputdownable 2008 novel (that's not hyperbole, I, and others, have read it in one sitting - once you start, there's really no other choice). By the looks of this trailer, it's going to be a faithful adaptation, too.

Intruders comes to BBC America this summer.

BBC America

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I know im being picky but shouldn't British Doctor Who Actors Doing Unexpected American Accents be BDWADUAA not BDWADUAC?

Bah, coffee! etc. Thanks for the spot!

no problem. think i only spotted it as i'd just finished my morning latte lol

Looks interesting, and to have a decent budget. Shame BBC UK don't make anything like it. It's all misery (EastEnders) and period dramas.

Will this be hitting the UK in a timely manner, or will I need to break out the BitTorrent?

Also, you say it airs this July, but the trailer clearly says 23rd August.

Love Michael Marshall Smith's books, Only Forward is one of the best sci-fi books out there, I recommend it to you all. So, looking forward to this.

I have recently seen John in Prey and he was phenomenal there. The trailer looks intriguing, putting it on my watchlist!

This looks really good. Simm is a fantastic actor who unlike some of his other Who colleagues seems to only pick quality projects. He's always watchable. I'm also keen to see Christopher Eccleston's two US produced offerings - The Leftovers is due to air in the US shortly and is getting terrific reviews but I think Fortitude in which he costars with Michael Gambon and Stanley Tucci is going to be the show which we'll all be talking about later this year when it's released. David Tennant's Broadchurch remake looks about as duff as his cringeworthy American accent - really, why did they bother? I'll pass on that one even if it is shown in the UK. At least Broadchurch 2 is in the works which also has the wonderful Eve Myles (mmmmm). Broadchurch is about the only decent thing he's done since he left Who, so pleasing that this has given him some positive reviews and a bit of a bounce back in his career. Also looking to see what Matt Smith might have lined up on US television apart from his big film franchise - maybe he will focus more on films and theatre over there for a while. Gosh Who has been lucky in snaring good actors recently - Matt has been a terrific find and destined for a stellar career and now we have Peter Capaldi who looks like being the best doctor yet. Who just keeps getting better and better after a bit of a shaky start in the first few years of the revival.
But it's not just Simm and Eccleston who are doing well in the US. Billie Piper's doing alright for herself too with Penny Dreadful on television and just announced to be starring at the National Theatre again in a play based on the phone hacking scandal. And the glorious Karen Gillan is heading up a US network comedy and appearing in a blockbuster film later this year as well as another major one in the works. I think I read somewhere that Freema has some more work in the US lined up too, and of course Alex Kingston is wowing Broadway at the moment as Lady Macbeth. So maybe John, Chris, Matt and Peter are getting a run for their money from the ladies! Plus Alex and Karen have the best American accents of the lot of them!

Poor Matt and Karen during such shitty roles in order to sell out to Hollywood, shame they don't have the integrity of Tennant and Simm who do really strong theatre (Tennant being one of the UK's best respected Shakespearen actors) and drama TV shows. I wish Simm would do more theatre though, what he's done has been good but he's done hardly any.

I don't know. I know Gracepoint will be on ITV,

Don't think either has really sold out though. You need to take jobs to bring your talent to attention and to make connections and of course to pay your bills. With the wide acceptance of UK actors in the US, I think it makes sense for all of these actors including Simm and Tennant to try their hand in America. I think Karen in particular is being very canny. She has already done a quality TV project here and appeared on the West End stage and is now building her US CV slowly with genre films (which have been well reviewed) which would appeal to her large fanbase globally, then a small eye catching role in a big big summer film, then taking the lead in a US network television show. Although the TV pilot looks like it will fail as quickly as David Tennant's Broadchurch remake (I reckon both will be off the air in four or so episodes), but again, it gives her a showcase for her talent at comedy and particularly that she can do a great American accent. Most recently, she's been cast in a new more prestigious Hollywood film, so each role brings something new and better. I really think she is talented enough to have a strong career on both sides of the Pond. Matt has done theatre and other non Doctor Who roles in the UK to huge acclaim and has been in an arthouse Hollywood film which will no doubt give him loads more A-list connections, so the Terminator film is just another move from that to bring him to an even wider audience. I love Chris Eccleston to bits and he is a great example of someone who has managed to seamlessly move between 'quality' projects on the stage and television and film as well as doing GI Joe and Thor. And didn't David Tennant make some schlocky vampire thing in the US too? Doesn't make me respect them less. Probably the only thing I do feel has damaged anyone's credibility as an actor are those relentless shouty unfunny Virgin ads from Tennant pushing a product from a multi-millionaire. Now that is what you could label as a sellout! Matt and Karen are classy and smart about how to retain their credibility and continue to advance their careers. If someone is good in something, does it really matter if it is good fun and well made, rather than some awfully serious and dull Shakespearean play? I enjoyed Chris Eccelston in Thor much more than I did David Tennant's wooden performance in Richard II, but I liked David Tennant's cheesy Casanova TV show a few years ago more than I did Chris in Antigone at the National Theatre, so you can like people equally in low and high brow fare!

Watch out for terrific short film called 'The Seventeenth Kind' based on an MMS short story. Good cast; Tony Curran, Brian Blessed, Ralph Watson, Miriam Margoyles, Sylvester McCoy. Should be doing the festival circuit this autumn and worth thirty minutes of your time.

"Shaky start in the first few years of the revival"? You must be joking!! Virtually faultless from 2005 to 2009, but it's been distinctly shaky since 2010 and I'm hoping Capaldi will give Moffat's lazy storytelling the shot in the arm it desperately needs.

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