BBC America teaser for In The Flesh series 2

Trailer Louisa Mellor 1 Apr 2014 - 14:10

An action-packed US teaser for In The Flesh season 2 has arrived...

BBC Three's In The Flesh was one of last year's unexpected TV treats. Only three episodes long, it introduced us to Kieren Walker, a Partially Deceased Syndrome sufferer struggling to reintegrate into his family and isolated village four years after rising from the grave.

With its wry, Northern sense of humour and an emotionally driven story, In The Flesh was anti-macho zombie drama, a sensitive story about acceptance and guilt. It was more kitchen sink than chainsaw gore.

Next month, it's returning for a second, double-length run on BBC Three and shortly thereafter on BBC America. The publicity machine appears to have ruled that sensitive, wry and anti-macho aren't the adjectives with which to sell a zombie drama to the US viewing public, hence this action-heavy series two teaser:


Read our spoiler-free review of the series two opener, here.

BBC America

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can't view I'm afraid, nothing embedded !

america: how to take a wonderfully nuanced idea and turn it into an ugly bastardisation that looks nothing like the source material.

Please, if a British production is any good, we make a proper version with a real budget and a number of episodes that merits the name "season". Obviously we must be doing something right, there's no television license (tax) here.

the television licence here pays for bbc services. it is significantly cheaper than any other tv service, the content is innovative and original and advert free, and the bbc is arguably the most successful and well-known television service in the world. america could only hope to have something so valuable as the bbc.

there's no disputing that america churns out some phenomenal television, but you pay a fortune for it and there's a lot of irrelevant tat mixed in. also, 22 episode seasons are losing popularity even in the us now - the schedules tend to be all over the place, with weeks between episodes, not to mention filler eps and fluff used to pad out seasons.

quality over quantity.

Don't worry, the trailer has to make it look all sparkly and actiony as to attract the American audiences, the actual show won't be so bad.

Perhaps the Weinsteins had a point when they dummed down Snowpiercer for the Hicks in Ohio after all.

When American TV remakes British TV, it too often sanitises and stretches out the premise, chops a couple of dimensions out of every character, and replaces nuance with saccharine. See: Life on Mars, Being Human, Cracker, Queer as Folk...

Even House of Cards - which is good - lacks the black heart of the original. It can't resist icing God Bless America jingoism over the original's nihilistic premise.

We're proud of our BBC. Our TV license is far cheaper than any cable channel - and being advertisement free means that its able to make television that every section of the population might want to watch, instead of just those sections advertisers deem profitable.

Budget is the main reason through. Even America tv is struggling to support 20+ episodes a season.

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