In The Flesh series 2 now filming

News Louisa Mellor
15 Oct 2013 - 08:35

BBC Three's impressive supernatural drama In The Flesh is filming its second series, due on screen in early 2014...

Meeting Kieren Walker and his Roarton neighbours last winter was a highlight not just of the year's exemplary TV drama, but of BBC Three's entire history. Scoff all you like at the digital channel's sun, sex and voyeurism programming, but from the home of the wonderful Being Human and The Fades, that's no damning with faint prase.

The cast, writing, and direction of BBC Three's In the Flesh cohered into that wonderful thing, a satisfying, moving drama with a headful of ideas and a sense of humour in the bargain.

Luckily, the powers that be agreed with us, and commissioned a double-length second series forthwith. That series is currently filming in the North West of England, and welcomes back the talents of Luke Newberry (Kieren), Emily Bevan (fellow PDSA-sufferer Amy), Harriet Cains (Kieren's sister, Jem), Kenneth Cranham (Vicar Oddie) and more. 

Series two sees Kieren attempting to keep his head down in his home town while in the wider world, a radical Pro-Living Party, Victus, is gaining government seats, and the Undead Liberation Army is responding to the threat with terrorist acts. When members of Victus and the ULA arrive in Roarton, Kieren is caught in the struggle.

Creator Dominic Mitchell had this to say about the six-episode second series: "Returning to Roarton village has been a real joy, revisiting old characters and inventing new ones, entangling their lives and their loves. My hope is that In The Flesh series two will have something for everyone: with high octane genre thrills running alongside emotional, hard hitting domestic drama, with plenty of black humour to boot."

We'll bring you much more from series two, including our set visit report and interviews, in the coming months.

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