CBS passes on How I Met Your Mother spin-off

News Louisa Mellor 15 May 2014 - 06:15

How I Met Your Dad will not be coming to CBS, though another network may snap it up...

Despite the presence of Greta Gerwig and a voiceover from Meg Ryan in the pilot, proposed How I Met Your Mother spin-off, How I Met Your Dad (or surely, Father, for us pedants) will not be coming to CBS.

The network chose not to pick up the pilot, which was to centre on Gerwig's character Sally and her circuitous route to finding 'the one' with support from a natty group of New York peers, in the style of its parent show.

There's a chance that another home will be found for the sitcom if other networks are willing to take a gamble where CBS wouldn't.

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I think How I met your Mother took the concept as far as it will go. The last few seasons really showed that they were running out of ideas. Changing the sex around won't make much of a difference. Maybe they could set it in 40s New York, with Nazis, Private Detectives and evil mafia bosses. That could be fun.

How I Found The Führer?

Excellent. That made me chuckle more than the entire current season of HIMYM to date.

Disney stepy in also and will bring us this movie after Episode VII...
How I Met Your Vader: A Star Wars Story

Well, it wasn't called How I Met Your FATHER (DAD just sounds wrong too me) and it wasn't about the Mother for the original series. So I couldn't really care.

Thank you. I'll take it as a compliment. ;)

Good, they might actually come ups with some original ideas instead of cashing in on a series which ran longer than it really needed to.

How about a Gracepoint mash up where one of the HIMYM cast is killed I'm thinking of Ted - How I met Your Murder?

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