How I Met Your Mother spin-off pilot commissioned

News Louisa Mellor 18 Nov 2013 - 06:39

A sitcom pilot for How I Met Your Dad has been commissioned by CBS...

We've all been there. A relationship has run its course, but it's hard to let go. Couldn't we just start again? Things would be different this time... Having commissioned a How I Met Your Dad spinoff pilot, CBS is evidently having trouble saying goodbye to ratings winner How I Met Your Mother.

We first got wind of this potential spin-off a month ago, but now a pilot is officially on its way. Can we expect the last season of How I Met Your Mother to provide a backdoor to the spinoff? No, according to executive producer Carter Bays, this is to be "its own, totally new show", a "kindred spirit" to the original.

So, a new bunch of characters, a new search for love, and the same fairly odd framing narrative in which a parent gives their kids a detailed breakdown of their shag habits prior to their arrival. 

Surely though, father, not dad?

Read about the geek credentials of How I Met Your Mother, here.


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I'm in a love-hate relationship with How I Met Your Mother right now, so I don't really know how I should react to this...

I like the show, but this current season is a bit turd.

Exactly. There are some funny moments but that's it. Even the Mother moments aren't even that exciting anymore.

This last season has been so much funnier than the last few - the 'one weekend' gimmick is working much better than I thought it would. For a show that's been past it's prime for a while, I'm glad it's ending on a good note.

No interest in this spin off, however.

I have loved the show since it started (apart from Robin, can't stand that bitch) but a spin off? I don't know.

Robin's the best! How anyone can prefer Ted over Robin (or any of the other characters tbh...)

Um. No...
Just no...

I think it should be 'Father' instead of Dad, otherwise they've just could have gone with How I Met Your Mom.
I'm still liking HIMYM but this whole wedding weekend season is getting anoying. Rather have that in about five episodes if they must, and then the establisment of Ted and the mom's relationship.
Off course I will give this spin off a shot when it comes, but shurly has to have the HIMYM mom as the main character and not some other actress.

if it"s half as fantastic as the goodwin games was, then i'm in.

If it's just NPH playing Barney then cool, otherwise move along, nothing to see here..... Lost track of the show as it meandered into yet another season without tying anything up.

Not entirely clear what youre saying. If you mean the previous season was funnier than the current season i couldnt agree more. About eight episodes in and still waiting for a single laugh.

HIMYM is going out like a Dexter!

I was saying exactly the opposite, and was referring to this current season as being good...

I've laughed more consistently during this season than I have since season 4/5 or so, and I like how they're still playing with the structure and doing lots of flashbacks/concurrent storylines, etc.

Still waiting for a single laugh? Last week's alone had that imaginary scenario of Lily strapping on a suicide vest if Robin and Marshall didn't kiss, thought that was hilarious and only in the first few minutes.

Although I get people having different senses of humour, the Dexter comparison is REALLY below the belt.

It's about how he MET the mother, so he has to meet her at the end. They're chosing to establish her character through a series of flashforwards/flashbacks/side-stories, and it's worked as well as it could've I think. That said Ted and how he actually met the mother is a bit redundant for me as well, it's one of the parts of the show I have the least investment in.

Owww man! Tell me it's a joke... isn't it?

I smell a...

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