How I Met Your Mother spin-off pilot commissioned

News Louisa Mellor
18 Nov 2013 - 06:39

A sitcom pilot for How I Met Your Dad has been commissioned by CBS...

We've all been there. A relationship has run its course, but it's hard to let go. Couldn't we just start again? Things would be different this time... Having commissioned a How I Met Your Dad spinoff pilot, CBS is evidently having trouble saying goodbye to ratings winner How I Met Your Mother.

We first got wind of this potential spin-off a month ago, but now a pilot is officially on its way. Can we expect the last season of How I Met Your Mother to provide a backdoor to the spinoff? No, according to executive producer Carter Bays, this is to be "its own, totally new show", a "kindred spirit" to the original.

So, a new bunch of characters, a new search for love, and the same fairly odd framing narrative in which a parent gives their kids a detailed breakdown of their shag habits prior to their arrival. 

Surely though, father, not dad?

Read about the geek credentials of How I Met Your Mother, here.


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