TV adaptation of Hourman in the works

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6 Nov 2013 - 22:56

The CW to follow success of Arrow with live action version of DC's Hourman...

Fans of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen will already know of the creative riches that can be mined from the Golden Age of comics. It’s a truth not lost on The CW, who is intending to build on the success of Arrow (and the hoped for success of in-development Flash) by creating a live action TV adaptation of 1940s masked adventurer Hourman.

The hero, whose real name is, wonderfully, Rex Tyler, enjoys superhuman strength and speed whenever he pops a tab of the unique vitamin compound ‘Miraclo’. The catch? His powers only last for an hour. In some versions of the character, he also possesses power over time itself and is able to move around in time and see glimpses of future events.

It’s this feature that looks set to make it to the TV version, which will focus on Hourman’s efforts to prevent tragedies from occurring, and by doing so, to win back his ex-wife and son.

There have been three key iterations of the character. In addition to the original, created by Ken Fitch and Bernard Bailey, a second version (actually Rex Tyler’s son, Rick) was developed by Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas and Todd McFarlane, while an alternative version, this time an android, was created by Grant Morrison and Howard Porter. The character has, in one form or another, also appeared in Justice League: Unlimited, Batman: The Brave And The Bold and Smallville: Absolute Justice.

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