Plot details emerge for Homeland season 4

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17 Jan 2014 - 07:33

Showtime exec reveals part of the plan for Homeland...

Spoiler warning: contains story information about Homeland's fourth season.

Homeland, which debuted to a great reception back in 2011, has been a consistent ratings hit for its network Showtime and we were steadfastly unsurprised when it was renewed for a fourth season. However, some viewers have expressed concerns about the plotting and the stretching of an initially very strong premise. Some of those questions were answered at the climax of season 3 (we won’t say how) and the show may move in a slightly different direction in season 4.

Speaking at the Winter Television Critics Association Tour, Showtime’s entertainment president David Nevins gave some clues as to what this direction may be and it’s rather Carrie-centric. ‘Homeland is a show that is deeply about a field operative’ he said, ‘and we haven’t seen her much in the field. In Season 3 you will likely see her on the ground in a foreign capital doing her job.’ It’s not just her though, Carrie’s fellow agent, Saul Berenson, will also continue to have a ‘central and important role’, said Nevins.

Homeland is expected to return later this year.


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