First original Heroes actor signs up for Heroes Reborn

News Louisa Mellor 17 Jun 2014 - 07:22

Jack Coleman, who played Noah Bennet in Heroes, has officially joined Heroes Reborn...

Expect to hear more such announcements over the coming months: the first of the original Heroes cast has officially joined Heroes Reborn.

The first to jump aboard is actor Jack Coleman, who played adoptive father of cheerleader Clare, Noah Bennet. Coleman's character also went by the nickname HRG, or the slightly more mouthful-y Man In The Horn-Rimmed Glasses. An employee of the sinister Company, Bennet's character jumped the line and back from villain to sort-of-good-guy over the course of Heroes' seasons.

Coleman's casting in the new show, due to air in 2015, raises one question for fans. Earlier this year Hayden Panettiere told Cosmopolitan she had "nothing to do" with Heroes Reborn, though she hoped her role wouldn't be recast. If (adoptive) Daddy Bennet is coming back, wouldn't it follow that Claire is also due a return?

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I want this to be good. I really really do.

But it's going to be awful, isn't it?

They need to look back at all the things they did very very wrong in the original series and address those - like giving us proper payoffs to things, instead of the "epic battle just through that door, honest!" and the parking meter takedown.

Still, can't sink any lower than the Maya character and her constant snivelling. That was horrendous.

what's the point of continuing this inconsistent mess of a story.. I mean, the show started with Mohinders dad having discovered the mutant gene and by season 3 they suddenly had him working at a mutant concentration camp in the 60's.. if they don't care about their own back story then why should anyone else.

Featuring actors from the original series in the rebirth series, isn't the smartest move. They should start afresh - new world, new characters, new everything...

"I want this to be good. I really do." < 2007-2010 all over again, pal, lol.

Will they never learn? Will WE never learn?

Ambivalent about this (I gave up during season two) but I thought he was particularly good in Heroes.

When i try to remember Heroes it mixes in with Fringe and a few other things, i don't know why.
So Peters dad Walter was a bad guy who made him absorb powers from cheerleader nieces brain and her fake dad was a goody and a baddie who knew with Bubbles the trampy crackhead from The Wire? Then there was a big brick wall and Sylar and Pete become best friends over a mutual hatred of the guy who looks like the guy from Suits? Wasn't Sarah Marshall in this aswell. My ears are bleeding..did Don Johnson turn up as somebodies dad? or was that Kenny Powers? America what are you doing to tv?
Oh wait they also know those Children of the Sun because when there was an eclipse everything went mental.
I should write reviews or something.....

"Will Jessica discover Chester's affair...? Will Benson discover
Chester's affair? Will Benson care? These questions and many others will be answered in
the next episode of...Heroes."

Still Sylar was great when he was beating the crap out of that Khan fellow...

I like his character the most.

I reallyhope they've looked long and hard at all the crap decisions they made after season 1. Season 4 actually had some merit, but if they can leave Sylar out of it, so much the better. He should have died at the end of season 1, he was an inconsistent and crap character that for some reason the writers thought we'd root for.

This! This right here!

I loved the first series, but the second started so slow, was so predictable and was such a surprise free Sylar-centric story, that I can't even remember if I even started to watch the third series or not.

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